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Pim is one of the two main protagonists of the animated comedy series Smiling Friends (alongside Charlie).

He is a small, pink critter employed by Smiling Friends, a company that seeks to bring joy to their clients. He, alongside his best friend Charlie, go on episodic adventures usually aiming to achieve their employer’s ends. He is portrayed as unwieldy enthusiastic about his job and stands a contrast to Charlie’s more grounded pessimism.

He is voiced by Michael Cusack.


Pim is commonly characterized as overtly energetic and optimistic, wholly dedicated to his job to cheer up his clients. Despite his naivety and lack of social understanding, he is on great terms with his best friend Charlie, whom he supports despite their occasionally clashing mindsets.

His dedication to his job is showcased by his eagerness to help out his company outside of his typical duties, such as through fetching firewood, and denying himself a potential relationship with Jennifer simply if it meant cheering up Shrimp, a client of his.

However, his eagerness to experience fun and desire for adventure did at one point cause friction between him and Charlie, such as when he became deeply jealous of Charlie become hailed as a hero in the Enchanted Forest to the point of him becoming a spiteful and bitter husk of his former self. However, Pim immediately came back to his senses upon Mip’s death, apologizing to Charlie for behavior and abandoning his jealousy for the sake of his job and friendship.

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