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Pina is Silica's pet feathery dragon in Sword Art Online. It died but was later revived by Silica with the help of Kirito.


Pina is a Feathery Dragon with its blue body covered in soft, pale blue feathers and two long feathers instead of a tail.


Pina is shown to be capable of healing small amount of health, although there's a limit to this.

Pina is shown to possess a greater amount of knowledge and self-awareness than other tamed familiars which allows it to think for itself at times (Yui said that Pina possesses a complex mind structure).

Pina can give increased jumping capabilities to Silica by gliding momentarily in the air.

Pina can do a special attack by shooting bubbles which paralyze opponents.



  • Pina is named after Keiko's (Silica) cat (Munchkin) in the real world.
  • Keiko's cat, Pina, has never made an appearance in the Anime or Light Novel, and Reki has yet to describe its appearance. However, Pina does make an appearance in both The Final Promise, and Girls Ops mangas. However, in both mediums, Pina takes on a different appearance, likely due to the interpretation of different artists.


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