Pincoya or La Pincoya is the name of a spirit found in the Chilean mythology, She is a mermaid spirit or syren whom always is known for being benevolent and caring.


Long time ago, A young witch left her daughter in her house with many potions, the little girl found a potion that turned her into pure water, When the young mother came to her home, She became worried about what happened to her daughter, Desperat she went to the ocean and spill the waters that became her daughter, with grief and worry, She went to visit El Villalobo to help her, but in that moment her daughter colud recover her form and instead of looking like a little girl, she has now the form of a beautiful young woman, Afterwards mother and daughter reunited happily, and the girl from whom that day will be knwon as La Pincoya raised and helped the mariners and people who wnet lost in the sea.


La Pincoya is knwon for her complete benevolence, She is caring, affable and completely nice, It has been told by many that La Pincoya is known for been completely selfless helping many mariners who died and allowing them to have a better life, It is stated in the legends that when she look to the shores is then when will appear more fishes and when she is not will not appear any fishes.



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