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Pinga (ピ ン ガ, Pingua) is one of the supporting characters in the animated series Brand New Animal.


In his human form, he has a fairly tan complexion, pink eyes, pinned white hair, a maroon mullet, and a chin beard. He wears a red leather flight jacket, red and white striped pants, and brown boots.

In his albatross form, his arms are used in a pair of white wings with a black edge and he has a yellow beak with a black tip.


Pinga is a free-spirited adventurer, who does not like the bondage of regulations and rules.


Pinga is seen for the first time in the sky, until the Japanese government warns him that he has invaded Japanese airspace without permission and has to land and complete the entry requirements. He refuses to comply and ends up being targeted by humans. He then approaches him with a storm and crashes into Michiru's room. He quickly befriends Michiru, so he takes her to look at the city above and tells her about her family's tradition of flying freely, as well as her fallen friends of hers. However, he has to continue and thus leaves Michiru behind.

Shirou, however, raises suspicions about Pinga, as Shirou is aware that albatrosses suffering from oppression have terrorist thoughts and can harm Anima City. During the chase in the sky, Shirou smells the smell of Pinga's weapons in his backpack (obtained by an associate at a bar). After Shirou is rescued by Michiru who learns to fly, Pinga is defeated by Shirou and admits that he once participated in the army when he was young, but decided to become a terrorist of some kind. Shirou still allows him to leave on the condition that he never returns to the city, so Pinga asks Michiru to tell Mayor Barbara Rose to make graves for his fallen friends. Before leaving, he defeats Meteor so that Shirou can catch the hitman forever.


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