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Hero Overview

Isn't this exciting? Are you excited cause I'm excited I've never been so excited, well, except for the time that I went [gasp] but I mean really--
~ Pinkie Pie

Pinkamena Diane Pie-Sandwich, more commonly known as Pinkie Pie, is the tritagonist of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is the main deuteragonist of My Little Pony: The Movie and My Little Pony: Pony Life, and a supporting character in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls.

She is a pink Earth pony who is often seen hanging out at Sugarcube Corner, whether assisting Mr. and Mrs. Cake at work or babysitting their infants, or holding parties for the various ponies of Ponyville. She writes and performs many songs, and has a toothless pet baby alligator named Gummy. She represented the element of laughter.

She is voiced by Andrea Libman, who also voices Fluttershy, Cylindria, Maya the Bee, Lemon Meringue, Madeline, Shimmer, Cloud Princess Lilac, Emmy, Harmony Bear from Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-lot, and Ruby, and her singing voice is done by Shannon Chan-Kent, who also voices Smolder and Silver Spoon. In the new series Hello, Pinkie Pie, She is voiced by an unknown voice actress.

She is also voiced in the Japanese version of the show by Suzuko Mimori, who is also the voice of Healin' Good Pretty Cure's Cure Earth (Asumi Fuurin) and Love Live!'s Umi Sonoda.


Pinkie Pie as a filly.

Pinkie was raised on a rock farm with her parents and three sisters. Her family's coats and manes are Earth-colored muted browns and grays.

When Rainbow Dash's sonic rain-boom clears the clouds and paints a rainbow across the sky, the shock wave frizzles Pinkie's hair, giving it its distinctive curl. Subsequently, Pinkie experiences magnificent joy and smiles. She then decides to dedicate her life to making pony happy and throwing parties. When she invites her family to their first-party ever, her mother calls her Pinkamena Diane Pie. 

Role in My Little Pony: The Movie

Pinkie Pie first appears in Canterlot, blowing balloons, and helping her friends to prepare for Twilight's new idea, The Festival of Friendship, starring a famous pony singer "Songbird Serenade" as Twilight and Spike catches up with Pinkie and the others, looking all nervous about failing at the festival, as Pinkie Pie encourages Twilight how smart she is and how her festival plan won't fail, as Pinkie and the others sing "We Got This Together" to her, Pinkie blasts her new big part cannon that covers Twilight in a big cake.

Then Tempest arrives by order of her boss the Storm King to take the four princesses magic for him and Tempest petrifies Celestia, Luna, and Cadance, Rainbow Dash managed to save Twilight in time, as Tempest ended up petrifying Derpy, as Pinkie and others ran, they went over a waterfall and Twilight heard Celestia saying something to Luna about finding the Queen of the Hippo, as Pinkie and the others tagged along to help Twilight find the Queen of the Hippo.

During the journey Pinkie was staying positive and happy and smiling, she was going crazy over the heat of the desert but quickly got over it as she and her friends find Klugetown and meet Capper, as he saves them from the Klugetown citizens and decides to help them find the Queen of the Hippo, as Twilight didn't think it was a good idea to trust him but Pinkie insist that they could use a friend out there. Later after as Pinkie, the Mane 4 and Spike (except Twilight) start like Capper as a friend, but he was actually planning to sell them to pay off his debt, but Rarity changed his heart by fixing his coat as a thank you, Twilight shows up finding out that they're not supposed to find the Queen of the Hippo, they need to find the Queen of the Hippogriff, and discovered they live in Mount Aeris, as they were about to leave, Capper's boss Verco comes and reveals that Capper was lying to them and was about sell the, but Tempest arrives and Pinkie and the others escape and stowaway on Captain Celano's hip as she and her crew were slaves to the Storm King who were forced to deliver and throw anyone over board or they'll suffer his wrath, as Rainbow Dash convinces them to help and to be awesome again, they were inspired by her song "Time to be Awesome" they became pirates again, and does a sonic rainboom to impress them, which causes Tempest to find them, as they escape through the ship's hatch and flies to Mount Aris.

As they finally arrived at Mount Aeris the group discovers that the place is deserted and abandoned, as Pinkie still remained happy and positive with a smile on her face, looking for the Hippogriffs, as they hear singing, as it jumped into the water they fallowed and get sucked down a whirlpool nearly about to drown, they were saved by the mysterious singing voice named "Princess Skystar" who's a seapony and bring them to her mother "Queen Novo" as Skystar reveals they're the Hippogriffs who escaped from the Storm King with a help of a magic pearl that turned them into seaponies, as turned the Mane 6 into seaponies (and turned Spike into a pufferfish) to show them how it works, but Novo refuses to help because she's too scared to fight back and determined to keep her subjects safe. As Skystar offers to let the Mane 6 and Spike live with them but they can't because they need to save their families, as a disappointed Skystar understands and swims away, Pinkie Pie wanted to stay a little longer to help her, as Twilight started to get an idea and lies to Pinkie and the others about showing Skystar the best time ever just to distract her, Pinkie believes people her and starting singing "One Small Thing" to her, making Skystar happy as all the Hippogriffs and Novo started joining in, Novo was touched and was gonna probably help them now, but Twilight screws it up by trying to steal their pearl, Novo gets angry and upset and banishes Twilight, Pinkie and the whole group back to the surface.

As the group resurfaced back to normal to their pony forms, Pinkie finally gets serious as she and the others scold and yell at Twilight for trying to steal the pearl and for lying to them to only make Skystar happy just to distract her and Twilight yells back how everything they've done in the journey dosen't work out since they're not in Equestria and that their motives not enough, as Twilight and Pinkie argue, as Twilight tells how she's the only princess Tempest wants, and Pinkie rudely yells at Twilight how she's the only princess's home dosen't trust her own friends, as Twilight snaps very furiously and yells back at Pinkie saying that maybe she's better off without friend like her, making Pinkie completely speechless, destroyed and heartbroken, as Twilight realises what she just said and tries to apologise to but Pinkie Pie but she refuses to listens as he and the rest of the Mane 5 all abandon a Twilight over her actions and for yelling at Pinkie, but Spike stayed with Twilight because he knew it was wrong for them to seprate from Twilight like this, leaving Twilight feeling guilty over her actions and thinking Pinkie and her friends all hate her now for what she's done, then Twilight finally gets captured by Tempest with no help from them this time.

Later as Pinkie and the group all sat at the beach all sad, Spike alerts them that Tempest finally captured Twilight and taken her back to Canterlots, Pinkie and the others were shocked and realized their terrible mistake, as they wanted to save her, but they felt like they can't because they still have nothing to fight back with, feeling like they finally lost, Capper, Celaeno, her crew and Skystar all show up to help the Mane 5 and Spike save Twilight and fight back against the Storm King.

The group sneak in as saved ponies caring a big cake with Spike as a candle on top, as Grubber finds out, Pinkie and the others fight against the Storm Guards as they run to the castle to save Twilight, the Storm King uses his staff that he already stole from Twilight and the princesses, creating a tornado to keep them away, Pinkie gets an idea from Rainbow Dash to blast herself and her friends using her big party canon to get past the storm and hit right into the Storm King when he was about to kill Twilight and Tempest, he drops his staff.

Twilight apologizes to the others for what she's done as Pinkie hugs Twilight and apologizes too for abandoning her and yelling at her over her mistake. As the group work to together to reach the out of control staff, they fight against the Storm King by reaching for the staff as he gets really angry and desperate to get it, as Twilight grabs the staff, as Pinkie accidentally lets Twilight go as she and the Storm King get sucked into the tornado, Pinkie and the others think Twilight is dead as Pinkie cries over her presumed death, Twilight survived and comes back down with the staff and Pinkie and the group were so happy she's okay they get into a group hug. But the Storm King survived too and tries to petrify the group to get his staff back, but Tempests saves them but turning herself and the Storm King into stone, as he falls to his death and shatters, as the group saved Tempest and turns her and princess back to normal and restore Equestria.

As they all continue to celebrate the Festival of Friendship once again, Tempest makes amends and accepts Twilight's offer in friendship, she reveals her real name to Pinkie, that her real name is Fizzlepop Berrytwist, Pinkie gets overjoyed and says that is the most awesome name ever, as the movie ends.

Powers and Abilities

Superanimal Physiology: Pinkie as an Earth Pony, is also classified as a Meta-Animal, an animal that possesses powers and abilities. Despite being one, she sports Cartoon Physics, which she can use to warp the fabric of reality around her.

Party Inducement: Pinkie is first introduced as a talented party-thrower.

Singer & Dancer: Pinkie frequently sings songs of her writing, but the other ponies' reactions are not always favorable. Her friends react skeptically when she begins singing, and her audience reacts very negatively to her song-and-dance routine. But at the same time, some of her songs are received extremely positively by her friends and everyone else alike.

Pinkie wearing the accordion, banjo, crash cymbals, harmonica and tuba with the tambourine tied asset for being the one-mare band

Expert Music Player: Pinkie can play numerous musical instruments all at the same time.

Expert Baker: Pinkie works at Sugarcube Corner, a confectionery in Ponyville. The shop is run by Mr. and Mrs. Cake, who also let the residence above the shop to Pinkie.

Expert Ice-Skater: Pinkie is an exceptional ice skating pony, stating that she's been skating since she was "an itty-bitty little-widdle twinkie-Pinkie".

Cartoon Physics: While more a cartoon gag than actual skill, Pinkie is very apt at appearing right next to her target.

  • 4th Wall Awareness: On occasion, she is aware that she's in a cartoon, meaning she can perform feats that break the 4th wall thanks to her power, much like Discord does. For example, she can stop a circular fade out by simply placing her hooves around it.
  • Enhanced Speed: Pinkie can evenly match Rainbow Dash's flying speed.
  • Teleportation: When Pinkie keeps Twilight to her word, she pops out of a basket of sponges, a basket of apples, and even from the reflection-side of a mirror every time Twilight is about to slip up on her promise.

Pinkie Sense: Pinkie has a strange ability to predict the future through various twitches and involuntary motions made by her body.

  • Twitchy Tail: When stuff's gonna start falling.
  • Ears Flopping: Starting a bath for someone.
  • Itchy Back: Pinkie's lucky day.
  • Pinchy Knee: Something scary's about to happen.
  • Achy Shoulder: There's an alligator in the tub.
  • Ear Flop, Knee Twitch, Eye Flutter: The sky is about to be graced with a beautiful rainbow.
  • Ear Flop, Eye Flutter, Knee Twitch: Look out for opening doors.
  • Itchy Nose: A swarm of bees.
  • Shudders: It's a doozy. Something that someone never expects to happen is gonna happen.

Enhanced Memory: Pinkie is shown to have an Eidetic memory. It's stated that Pinkie has a very strong memory, enough to "remember everything about every pony in Ponyville" according to Matilda.

Well Organized: In Party Pooped, it's shown that Pinkie has a secret room under the Cake's family bakery, Sugarcube Corner, filled with information on each party she's done and everypony's likes and dislikes and allergies. Rainbow Dash jokingly claimed that Pinkie maybe even more organized than Twilight Sparkle.

Laughter Embodiment: Pinkie possessed the element of laughter.


  • With Pony Life being similar to Teen Titans Go, Pinkie in Pony Life resembles the Go! version of Beast Boy.
  • Out of all the Mane Six, Pinkie has the most siblings with three sisters.
  • Pinkie is one of two members of the Mane Six to not have solo episodes (although she almost did in Rock Solid Friendship and The Maud Couple); the other being Fluttershy.

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