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Pinon is a minor protagonist in Dragalia Lost. She serves as a major supporting character in the "Agents of the Goddess" facility event and one of the two main protagonists of "Divine Deception", sharing it with Ryszarda. She is the youngest of the northern Ilian Church's apostles, and she is sigil-bound to the archangel, Gabriel.

She was voiced by Kaede Hondo in the Japanese version, and by Devon Busswood in the English version.


Pinon is a sylvan with long rabbit-like ears that resemble wings and crystal blue eyes. She has pink hair with blue undertones, and she wears a black uniform.


An apostle of the northern Ilian Church. The youngest of the group, she feels impatience over her abilities, which are inferior to the other members'. Though usually a stickler for propriety, she displays her boisterous side in battle.



Before she was born, her mother Pirene was sigil-bound to Gabriel. However, a mission ultimately cost Pirene and her husband their lives. Sensing a child within Pirene after her passing, Gabriel formed a sigil to ensure that Pinon was born. Ever since then, Gabriel raised Pinon like she was her own daughter resulting in them having a very strong bond. Due to being sigil bound before she was even born, Pinon ultimately became an apostle just like her biological mother with her adoptive mother being the archangel she is bound to.

Agents of the Goddess

When South Grastaea is affected by a sealing stone resulting in people turning violent, Pinon is sent to aid Nevin and Ramiel in the investigation. While there, they meet and help Prince Euden and his party, they even use some holy water on some of the prince's allies when they starts showing signs of the sealing stone's miasma affecting them.

Eventually, they track down the culprit to be a priest who uses the sealing stone to turn himself into a demonic copy of Ramiel. Despite their efforts to strike him down, the party finds the sealing stone to bring him back to life.

With the help of Nevin, Pinon manages to purify the sealing stone and cut Otherworld Ramiel's ties with it, allowing the party to strike him down once and for all. With the sealing stone dealt with, the apostles say the farewells to the halidom party as the leave for their next mission.

Divine Deception

Given a task to investigate a woman by the name of Madame, Pinon goes to her idol Basileus for guidance. However, what she doesn't expect is Basileus to use a sealing stone on her to brainwash her into aiding him and Madame, implanting memories into her that Faris betrayed the apostles.

When Pinon goes to investigate alongside Faris, Ryszarda, and Gabriel, they have another encounter with the Halidom party. After a debriefing, Euden joins the apostles on their mission while the rest of the crew work on building a cleansing fount. As the apostles and Euden meet Madame to ask her questions, Pinon is sent to search her for a sealing stone. Despite finding it, Pinon lies and says that Madame doesn't have it.

Eventually, Basileus kills a woman whom Faris spoke to and gets Faris blamed for it, prompting Pinon to tell the group that Faris betrayed them. Eventually the party corners Faris, and Pinon attempts to strike him down. however, Ryszarda feels something isn't right and gets in Pinon's way, granting Faris enough time to splash her with holy water and free her from Basileus's control. Upon finding out Basileus used her and betrayed the apostles, Pinon is heartbroken. The next time they encounter him, Pinon asks him when he decided to betray the apostles.

When Basileus tells her he was never loyal in the first place and only joined to further his own goals, Pinon sheds all faith she had in him and declares him and enemy. Before she can get him though, Madame is forcefully turned into a demonic copy of Gabriel, forcing the apostles and Euden to fight her while Basileus escapes.

Upon severing Otherworld Gabriel's ties with the sealing stone, she turns back into Madame who reveals that Harle was with Basileus. However, Madame dies of a heart attack before she can reveal anymore details including Harle's real name. With another disaster cleared Pinon returns to base with Faris, Ryszarda, and Gabriel, all while swearing to bring Basileus to justice.



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