Pip Flap & Flitter

(L-R) (Pip, Flitter, Flap) in the animated adaptation

Pip, Flap and Flitter are the three baby sparrows and supporting protagonists in the book Stellaluna and the animated adaptation.

They who allow Stellaluna to stay in their nest.

Pip is the only boy and somewhat timid, Flap is kind of sassy while Flitter is mute up until the end of the movie when she says her first word, "friends".


In the book they warm up to Stellaluna quite quickly. They also try to hang by their feet like she does When Stellaluna finds out she's a bat she decides to show them her bat family. Then that night she decided to fly with them by night but they can't see in the dark, so se saves them and they put aside their differences deciding to stay friends no matter what.

Animated Adaptation

The trio of sparrows role is similar to the book, but slightly different. They don't take friendly at first upon meeting Stellaluna - Flap even calls her weird.

Stellaluna and the birds constantly run into the Great White Owl but they always manage to escape. One escape from the owl ends with the friends lost and Flap accuses Stellaluna of getting them lost, calling her the "Worst bird EVER!" Stellaluna hangs her head in sadness as her friends sleep for the night.

Later, Stellaluna spots the owl looming nearby and urgently wakes up the sparrows. The sleepy sparrows become wide awake when they spot the owl as well. Stellaluna and the birds take safety in a cave, to find Stellaluna's flock and her mother as she happily embraces her daughter. The birds are amazed at seeing creatures just like Stellaluna. They also like the fruit the bats have. However the reunion is cut short when they hear that Mama bird had been taken by the Giant owl. Stellaluna rallies birds and bats to fight the owl to save Mama bird and they succeed. In the end, both sparrows and bats reconcile and Stellaluna and the three sparrows put aside their differences.

Pip, Flap, and Flitter then watch as Stellaluna flies with her bat flock, where she truly belongs.


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