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Hero Overview

Pip (voiced by Jeffrey Garcia) is the deuteragonist of the Barnyard franchise. He is a great, gray, barn mouse who speaks with a slight Mexican accent and often rides around on his best friend Otis' shoulder. He is known for his crush on Bessy, the sassy and sarcastic cow best friend of Abby, but she always rejects him. Pip's superhero ego is Ratboy, the sidekick of Cowman. Pip is not usually involved with the gang's crazy schemes as much as Freddy, Peck, Pig, etc. are (being a LITTLE more serious), but still, he usually comes along for the ride. Pip's human disguise makes people question him, to which another animal says 'He's the world's smallest man!'.

Early life

Pip has lived on the barnyard his whole life and since then, has become best friends with Otis.


Pip is known to be an eccentric, yet well-meaning, friend. He is best friends with Otis and most of the other inhabitants of the Barnyard. Pip is a morning person who only needs 44 minutes of sleep everyday. He is also a night person and oftentimes does all-nighters, which sometimes annoys the others. He also likes to jump around on Otis and uses his udder as a trampoline.

Pip also has more common sense than Otis and often suggests a simple solution to Otis' problems, but Otis usually doesn't listen and does what he wants instead. Pip speaks Spanish and has a Latino accent. He has a huge (although not mutual) crush on Bessy.


Unlike stereotypical cartoon mice who have buck teeth, Pip has perfect white teeth. Like all mice, Pip has huge round ears. He has blue eyes and mainly has bluish-gray fur and has whitish-grey fur on his stomach. He has no fur on his hands, feet, tail, lips, or inside of his ear. He has a black nose, where next to each side of his face are two black whiskers.


  • His accent sounds a little Spanish, Portuguese, or Latin American.
  • There are times Pip sounds exactly like Sheen Estevez from Jimmy Neutron, due to the same voice actor, Jeffrey Garcia.