Piper's Crew, also known as the Cowbots, are the group of protagonists in SteamWorld Heist.


SteamWorld Heist

Piper's Crew was first created after both Captain Piper Faraday and Wonky left the Royal Space Force, as they would often irritate a nearby bartender.

After hearing about a new group of pirates calling themselves the Scrappers and seeing them first hand destroy all but one of her former crew, both Piper and Gabriel "Seabrass" Stubb would add more characters to their ranks after a few missions, one of witch was Sally Bolt who joined after Piper gained a small reputation and so they fought more scrappers. After fighting more scrappers, Piper also recruited more character, these being: Bagdon "The Great" Ivanski, Valentine Butterbolt and Beatrix "Bea" Baach until they defeated the leader of the Scrappers known as Chop Sue and planned to celebrate but was met with the Royal Space Force at a nearby bar. This lead them to go to the Core.

The Outsider DLC, would allow Piper to recruit Fen after meeting them inside a junk container, Piper's Crew would have to look somewhere else, to find a core for Fen but when the crew came back they found that Fen began to stand up and so joined the crew, with most of the crew feeling suspicious at first.

When Piper's Crew reached the Core, they fought against multiple Royalists, two of such where Ace and Copperback also known as the Queen's Guards. They would also recruit two others for their crew known as Grahame "Payroll" Phroggi and Dora D. Adventura. The crew fought until they reached the Red Queen and so they tried to fight her and her minions off until she was defeated. This lead Piper to free her prisoner, only to find out that the prisoner was Vectron who wished to reactivate the Voltbots and destroy the Steambots.

As so Piper's Crew would go and fight off the Voltbots and look to see if the Steambots in outer space were okay, they even recruited one last member known as Billy Gill. After fighting the Voltbots, Piper's Crew went to take on Vectron itself and so they did, after Vectron's defeat the crew planned to celebrate.



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