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When I was in the carrier pigeon race last year, I saw some of your family up north. Hundreds of them in fact! And they treated me to some delicious nuts. (Glikko: You saw other chipmunks?) The forest is so vast, there could have been thousands of chipmunks. Even though I'm swift to wing, it took me three high days and nights to fly from one edge of it to the other. Everywhere I looked, I saw chipmunks. They ran up and down the tree trunks, playing and gathering nuts. Ooh, cool! Such freedom! Every creature on earth should live as they do. (Glikko: Ah, yes!) Chipmunk, you belong out in that forest! (Glikko: Do I? But my home is here.) Your home is with other chipmunks. I must fly. So long!
~ Pippo telling Glikko about the forest.

Pippo (ピッポ) is the tritagonist of the 1981 anime film, Enchanted Journey. He is a carrier pigeon.

He was voiced by Kōsei Tomita in the Japanese version, and the late Orson Welles in the English dubbed version.


When Glikko begins playing around in his apartment, he observes Pippo flying by. Pippo introduces himself to Glikko and tells him about the chipmunks living at the vast North Forest. Glikko wants to go there, but Fluff decides to stay. The next morning, Pippo returns to tell Glikko that he's off to another race and warns him about the dangers and obstacles on his journey to the forest before getting attacked by a cat. Pippo regrets telling Glikko and thinks it's impossible for Glikko to be traveling on foot, but Glikko tells him he has made up his mind and he leaves as Glikko tells him to inform the chipmunks.

Eventually, Glikko, along with a female chipmunk named Nono, manage to make it to the forest. Pippo greets them and informs them that they have finally reached their destination. As the other chipmunks welcome Glikko and Nono, Pippo notices a fox coming after following them. Glikko tries to fend him off and Nono and Pippo try to help, but are vicious battled aside. Both of them survive and Glikko is chased onto a tree near a cliff. The other chipmunks call for Glikko to jump and he successfully jumps, while the fox plummets to his death. Glikko survives and the other chipmunks prepare a feast. Glikko requests Pippo to inform Fluff about the forest and he heads off to another migration race.


  • During Orson Welles' recording session, Peter Fernandez described the voice he needed as that of a pigeon that looked like a New York pigeon. Welles began with a Brooklyn accent, but was told that he just looks like a NY pigeon with no accent.
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