Plasma boy

Plasma Boy, also known as the Plasma Monster is a supporting character in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command and the titular character of the episode "The Plasma Monster" He is also Petra Hammerhold's boyfriend and Booster Munchapper's former rival.

He was voiced by Michael Showalter.


He and Petra had been seeing each other for six weeks and the two were deeply in love. But Petra's strict, overprotective father, Senator Hammerhold, didn't approve of their relationship and tried to separate them by sending her to the Space Ranger Academy on the other side of space. So he and his girlfriend arranged a fake kidnapping to keep her from going there. Booster, who had a crush on Petra, was heartbroken and a little jealous when he found out that Plasma Boy was her boyfriend. He told Plasma Boy that Petra deserved to be with someone who wasn't as rebellious and disrespectful, referring to himself. But Petra says that even though Booster is a nice guy, he doesn't know Plasma Boy like she does and no matter what anyone says, she loves him. Heartbroken and scorned, Booster starts yelling at both Plasma Boy and Petra saying she can have her "stinking plasma monster boyfriend". Plasma Boy, who doesn't like being called a monster starts getting into a fight with Booster, even though Buzz tries to break it up.


He's a laid back teenager who has strong feelings for Petra.


Plasma Manipulation: He can generate and manipulate plasma in the form of electricity.

Size Manipulation: He can control his own size and mass.

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