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I've turned into plastic! It's a miracle! It's some kind of sign! Is it a warning? Maybe I been given super powers! Maybe I'm suppose to change my ways and fight crime!
~ Plastic Man.
Stay back! I'm warning you! I'm the most powerful member of the JLA!
~ Plastic Man.
Go, Terrifics, go!
~ Prime Earth Plastic Man.

Plastic Man (real name Patrick "Eel" O'Brien) is a fictional character and comic book superhero who was originally published by Quality comics, and later acquired by DC comics. He was once a criminal who acquired superpowers after a botched heist, where his partners abandoned him and he was exposed to chemicals. The chemicals gave his elasticity and shape shifting, and O'Brien decided to redeem himself and become a superhero.

He was created by Jack Cole, and first appeared in Police Comics #1 in August of 1941.



Patrick "Eel" O'Brien became a criminal who led a gang of underlings, and later broke into Cole Chemical to rob the place. The police arrived on the scene, and Patrick was shot by a cop and exposed to an unknown acid. O'Brien managed to make it outside the chemical plant, but collapsed and went unconscious from his gun wound. When he awoke, Patrick found that his flesh was elastic, and had no control over his body, as it morphed into strange forms.

Patrick escaped the area after scaring everyone in his path, an attempted to commit suicide off a bridge. He was stopped by Woozy Winks, and thwarted an attempted robbery by his former gang after gaining a circus outfit (which he exposed to the acid that gave him elasticity). Hailed a hero, when the press interviewed him, Patrick said he intended to call himself "Elastic Man", but the reporter misheard as "Plastic Man".

Post Zero Hour

Patrick "Eel" O'Brien was born in the 20th century, and grew up with an abusive father who abandoned him at a Catholic nunnery. In the 1940s, Patrick became a criminal and shot a security guard at Crawford Chemical Works, and was struck by falling drum full of unidentified acid. Patrick was saved in Rest Haven by a mysterious group of monks, who cured his criminal ideals. Patrick noticed that the acid gave him the ability to change his shape, and would change his shape to defeat criminals.

Patrick eventually went the superhero title Plastic Man, and later acquired a sidekick called Woozy Winks, who became his loyal friend. The duo became members of the FBI, and Plastic Man later brought together the All-Star Squadron with the aid of President Franklin Roosevelt. The reason the team was brought together was to stop Per Degaton's plan to force America to fight the war on the third front, and on one occasion impersonated the president to foil an assassination attempt by the Nazis. During World War II, Plastic Man joined the Freedom Fighters, but his exploits were largely unknown.

Due to his powers, Plastic Man and Woozy stayed youthful, and O'Brien later became a good friend to Batman and a member of the Justice League of America. It was also revealed that Patrick had a son named Luke with Angel, but ignored his son whom later joined a gang. Batman managed to get Luke out of the gang, and tried to reunite him with Patrick.


New Earth

During a mission with the Justice League, the group went back 3000 years into Atlantis' past where Patrick was ripped apart during the right. The team returned to the present thinking him dead, but during the 3000 year gap, O'Brien managed to pull himself together. Batman and Firestorm found him and helped him complete the process, but Patrick was traumatized and blocked his super heroics out of his mind. Patrick decided to become Ralph Johns, and went back to his family in Chicago.

Patrick was later asked by Batman for his help, as Martian Manhunter was possessed by an Martian demon and tried to destroy the world. Knowing that Patrick was immune to telepathy, Batman tried to help him remember who he was, and later told him to think about it. Patrick was able to get his memories, and learned that his son, Luke, had inherited his powers. O'Brien helped the team defeat the rouge Manhunter, and Plastic Man started balancing his life as as family man and as a superhero.

During the "Infinite Crisis", Plastic Man was a responder when the Secret Society of Super Villains caused a massive breakout. Plastic Man went to Blackgate and fought Clayface, and later battled Doctor Psycho during the Battle of Metropolis.

Prime Earth

In "Dark Days: The Forge", Batman reveals to Mister Terrific an egg-shaped containment unit that held Plastic Man. Batman suggested they should release him, and eventually do so. After being released, Plastic Man became a member of The Terrifics, a group who are mystically connected after a visit to the Dark Multiverse.

Powers and Abilities

Plastic Man survived for 3000 years as little more than crumbs scattered around the Atlantic. If that doesn't give you an idea of the level of power he hides behind that doofy smile of his, then you're brain dead.
~ Batman on Plastic Man's powers.

After being hit with unidentified acid, Patrick gained malleable powers that allowed him to change his shape, and elongate his body. He exists in a fluid state, neither entirely liquid or solid, but O'Brien is in complete control over his entire molecular structure. His new physiology also made him immortal, and is considered a hard individual to kill. He managed to pull himself back together during a 3000 year gap, and was capable of surviving having his heart ripped out by reanimated Vibe. The world's greatest detective, Batman, considers his powers high level, even stating that if you aren't afraid of his malleable physiology, then you are "brain dead".



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