Hero Overview

Hi, I'm Steve, I build, mine, and craft using my imagination.
~ The player's character, Steve, during the alpha releases of the game.
This adventure, it's up to you.
~ The player's famous quote at the game's trailer
Hi, I'm Alex, Where is Steve?
~ The player's default character, Alex, during a promotional image of the 1.8 update.
~ The player's former iconic hurt sound

The Player , commonly known as Steve and Alex, or just simply as Player, is the main protagonist of the 2009 popular sandbox video game series, Minecraft, as well as the spin-off games: Minecraft Dungeons, and Minecraft Earth.

They can freely explore or roam the world of Minecraft as well as build anything they want by using their own imagination. Despite being genderless or nameless in the game, The players can be considered as characters in-game. While Steve is the first default skin in the game, Alex is the second one, and appears to have a thinner model than Steve.

The players optionally use different nicknames or usernames depending which name would they want to use and change their skin if they want. Even though, there are no goals that the player must achieve in the game, they have the option to create their own adventure, story, and gameplay and allowing them to decide about how they play the game.

However, the player's original skin Steve, is considered as the most popular and recognizable main character in the Minecraft series. The player is also the main protagonist of countless Minecraft maps, mods, songs, theories, videos, and fanfiction by sometimes referred to as YouTubers.


The Players' heroic sides are kind, friendly, caring, trustful, good, strong, loving, joyful, gentle, patient, desiring, imaginative, brave, and helpful. The players often do these things depending which side they pick or choose.


Players had brown hair and rather peculiarly purple eyes. They had exactly the same clothing as the zombies.

Steve has dark brown hair, dark skin, nose and mouth, and blue eyes, with a light blue shirt (un-tucked on the left hand side and in the back), a pair of blue jeans, gray shoes, and 4px arms.

Alex has long bright orange hair hanging to the left side, pale white skin, and dark green eyes, with a light-green shirt (un-tucked on both sides, and a dark green belt wrapped around it), a pair of brown pants, grayish boots, pinkish lips, and 3px arms.

Both player skins are intended to be generic representations of a human being, although the player's skin can be changed.

Relationships (Minecraft)

The player has diferrent relationships found within the game. Besides, these are all optional depending on the player:

The Wolves and Ocelots

The wolves and ocelots are the 2 tameable mobs in the game, however their relationship with the player is different. Wolves has a neutral relationship with the player. The wild wolves are completely neutral and it only attacks them depending if the player will hit them or not while ocelots however, just run away from them when they get near. Meanwhile, when the player has a bone/fish, the wolves/ocelots can be their perfect companion and best friend. The tamed wolves and ocelots also serves as the deuteragonists of the entire game. When the player tamed a wolf or an ocelot and make it as their best friend on their journey, they will also earn the achievement, "Best Friends Forever".

Utility mobs

The utility mobs are considered as the player's most trustful allies, and will often save the player from the hostile mobs near their house. Utility mobs, such as The Iron Golem, can also be served as the bodyguard or protector of the players, or even the villagers.

Passive mobs

The player's relationship to passive mobs, including the villagers, is really dependent, and optional. The players must decide what they want to do with the passive mobs, it's either tame them and become a companion in their house, or just make them test subject for their science experiments. The most common passive mobs that the player always use as a companion, are the villagers, cows, pigs, horses and sheeps. However, the main purpose of the animal mobs is that they can be eaten by the player in survival mode so that they can obtain food while they're on the wilderness.

Hostile mobs

The Hostile mobs serves as the main and overall archenemies of the player because they are the ones who kills the players and will destroy the player's house at night, at survival mode only. The hostile mobs are the most antagonistic characters that the players always encounter in their worlds and will force the player to fight them back in order to defend their home. The player has a chance to defeat them when the world has already reached sunrise, making the zombies and skeleton burn in sunlight, and others will remain or despawn. However, they will disappear permanently if the player puts the mode into Peaceful mode, not even one hostile mob is respawned when this happens. During creative mode, hostile mobs will only attack the villagers and simply ignore the players when they are near them. They can be used as test subjects when the player is doing a scientific experiment or inside a torture chamber. Despite being the main antagonists in the game, they are the player's most evil, dangerous, sadistic, ruthless, and violent enemies, though not quite the powerful (with the exception of the Wither).


The Illagers are the player's new archenemies in the game. They will have to defeat the Illagers in order to save a village from their pesky raids, and reach some achievements and advancements and earn lots of exp. Illagers really hates the players and villagers from entering their outposts, and will just attempt to kill them anyway.

Ender Dragon

The Ender Dragon is the player's original opponent in the game. The players must fight it in order to end its reign of terror and finishing the game once and for all. When they encounter the Ender Dragon, The players must team up together in order to defeat it, while keeping its ender crystals destroyed. The player also have to get through of its endermen while battling it. Despite being the final boss of the game, The Ender Dragon is the player's most powerful enemy.


The Wither is the second boss that the player comes across in the game, as they have to build the Wither boss in order to fight it and regain many exp. Once the player finds a soul sand, they will have to kill atleast 3 wither skeletons to build a t-shape blocks with 3 skulls on top.


Some players in other medias really recognizes and respect notch as the creator of the game. They also make him sometimes as their greatest allies in several maps, mods, and fanfiction depending what genre it is. In some Minecraft videos, the player can also call him as their god due to him being the creator.


Although the player does not sees him in vanilla Minecraft, Herobrine is considered as a very hostile entity as he stalks every movement of the player and is also the player's main archenemy. He is often known as the evil counterpart of the player, looking exactly like Steve, with white eyes according to the creepypasta story. He can see him in countless Minecraft maps, and mods as their. Notable mods that will make the players fight him is the Herobrine mod, and the revamped World of Minecraft mod. The player can also confront him through different maps, such as horror maps based around him.

Biography (Minecraft)


The player has 10 full hearts or 20 health points. One full heart represents two hitpoints. When the player's hunger bar is at 18 or higher, their health will slowly regenerate by 1 every four seconds, but when it is at 20 with saturation remaining, their health will regenerate by 1 every half second. The hunger bar depletes faster when the player does things like sprinting, jumping, attacking mobs, and mining, and it can be refilled by eating food. If the hunger bar is at 17 or lower, the player will not regenerate health unless in Peaceful (or under the effect of certain potions). If the hunger bar is down to 0, the player will start starving and losing health. On Hard difficulty, starvation will kill you. On normal difficulty, it will bring you down to 1. On easy difficulty, it will bring you down to 10. On peaceful difficulty, the health bar will recover regardless of hunger but will still take starvation damage, and the hunger bar will not lose any points, even when under the effect of hunger. Notably, if the player is killed, right after the death, the death screen is shown. If you exit, and re-enter, the same screen will show up.

Customization (Skins)

In Java/PC Edition, users can change their character's skins on the Preference page of or the launcher by uploading a PNG image file, which will then replace the default skin. Players will also have the option to have three or four pixel wide arms on their character model.

The Legacy Console Edition has a separate default skin for each player. The ability to change that skin is available using the Change Skin option in the game. People who already have the removed skin packs can still use them and even re-download them (so they're still being hosted). If the removed skin packs are redownloaded on someone else's console they will become available to any profile on that console (provided the skin pack doesn't have a demo version to default back to).

In the Bedrock Edition, the player can change the skin by opening the settings from the main menu and going to the skin settings. The two default skins are Alex and Steve but you can get your own skin by the "Custom" button.

In the Pocket Edition, Skins are stored in some unofficial skin packs from Minecraft. They also can use skins by downloading it on the Internet.

Survival Mode

In Survival mode, the player spawn somewhere randomly in the Overworld. Players are able to place and destroy blocks, and use all tools available. The player has limited health, hunger, and oxygen and it takes time to break blocks. The players also have to survive the whole night by fighting off the deadly hostile mobs and protecting their house from danger.

Creative Mode

Like in Survival, players randomly spawn somewhere in the Overworld, but with unlimited resources and inventory so they can freely do whatever they want. Players also have infinite health and weapons as well as hunger. the player has the ability to fly by double tapping the jump key and to place infinite number of blocks, but with limited use of crafting and tools. All mobs won't attack the player. The player cannot take damage or die, with cheats enabled, has no hunger and has unlimited oxygen, and breaking blocks is instantaneous.

Adventure Mode

In Adventure mode, there are no changes from Survival mode aside from being unable to break or place blocks unless they possess a tool with the CanDestroy NBT data tag for that block, or have a block with the CanPlaceOn tag. This game mode can only be played by having cheats enabled and typing the command /gamemode adventure, or by just opening a multiplayer world.

Hardcore Mode

In Hardcore mode, the player has only one life and has limited resources just like Survival and Adventure modes. However, if the player dies in this world, they will no longer respawn in that world. They can only respawn in spectator mode and the difficulty level is locked on hard mode.

Protecting a Village from a Raid

The player must first find a village they can live in. Once the player finds a Pillager Outpost and kills the Pillager with a flag on his back, he gets the bad omen. Once the player returns to his village, the Illagers begin to raid. If the player gets defeated and the villagers all die, the Illagers takeover the village. If the player and at least one villager or all villagers survives the raid, and the Illagers get defeated, the player wins and the villagers will grant their possessive trades to the player.

Journey, Defeating the Hostile Mobs, and The End

The player must gather some resources when they are in survival mode, like punching a wood, eating animals, and so on. Then, they are able to build their shelter for protection. The player go through some obstacles when they are in the Overworld, Nether, or the End. They must fight off their main enemies, the hostile mobs, and protect themselves to survive the night. The player can fight the hostile mobs in caves, dungeons, and swamps. Whenever the player built a house, they must take shelter from it in order for them to avoid being killed by the hostile mobs. The player also must craft weapons for defense, or tame a wolf, or build a utility mobs to keep the mobs away or distracted. Most nights were invaded by some common mobs like Zombies, Skeletons, Creeper, Spider, Endermen, and so on. If they managed to escape from the hostile mobs from their house or even the dungeons or caves, and waits for the sunrise, the player will win their night round as the hostile mobs will begin to despawn and disappear. When they are in the ocean, they will encounter an ocean monument and confronts the guardians. Once they destroyed all the guardians, the player will fight the Elder Guardian. This is optional whether the player will escape from the Elder Guardian or kill it. When they reach the Nether, they must go through some zombie pigmen, ghasts, and wither skeletons. In order for the player to defeat the Nether mobs, he/she must find a way back to their portal, or kill the Wither first to earn many exp. When they are in the End, they must fight off the Ender Dragon's minions, Endermen. Once the player escapes from all the hostile mobs, they will win their first night. All of this is optional whether the player turns their difficulty to Peaceful, despawning all the Hostile mobs from their worlds. When the player finally reaches a stronghold and finally defeats all of the hostile mobs, and find an ender portal, they will subsequently enter the End Dimension. As the player reaches the end, they will encounter the Ender Dragon, and several Endermen. But first they need to equip an enchantment armor and weapons. If they do so, they won't have to take heavy damages from the Ender Dragon. In the End, the player must destroy all Ender Crystal with a weapon so that the Ender Dragon will not be able to heal from her damage. The best weapon to fight an Ender Dragon and destroy an Ender Crystal is to fight it with an enchanted bow so they can heavily damage it. As the fight progresses, the Ender Dragon also uses numerous attacks that the player must dodge, but this is really optional. While the Ender Dragon is at her nest, The player has the chance to hit it with an enchanted sword so it can take heavy damage. However, if the player kills every 12 endermen, the dragon will avenge her minions and it will attack the player hard. But if the Ender Dragon is defeated, the player has an option to go back to their real world in the portal and end the game, or they will still have to go to End City so they can loot some items or fight the shulkers. All of this are optional.

Biography (Minecraft: Story Mode)

Players appear as NPCs on the game, but the only playable characters in the game is Jesse. Jesse's skin can be changed by mods.

Minecraft: Dungeons


The new 4 playable characters in Minecraft: Dungeons.

The four new players are the main protagonists in the upcoming game, Minecraft:Dungeons, although the player's original main characters, Steve and Alex, will not appear physically in the dungeon-crawler game, much like in Story: Mode, They were replaced by the four main playable characters in the game, but there is a high chance that Steve and Alex will be an unlockable character, or appear in the game's premise as cameos or easter eggs. As the game itself, The 4 characters were inspired in a medieval clothing. One is assumed to be a swordsman/woman, a warrior, an assassin, and a mage. Unlike in the original game, It was announced that the players will not craft, or build. Instead, it forces them to team up each other, and fight the antagonistic Hostile Mobs, and some illagers, and the new illager variation, Archillager. It was inspired by a Diablo-like gameplay.

In other medias

Steve, the player's default character, on the other hand, became a major part of the whole Minecraft community, making many appearances on several social medias, such as YouTube, Deviantart, Facebook, etc. They have appeared in many Youtube videos and is currently the main protagonist in the Let's Play, Survival, Mod showcases, and many more gameplays about the game. In addition, The player is sold in many different merchandises.


  • A player is supposed to be a genderless, simple human being, according to Notch.
  • In the latest version, a player is 32 pixels in height or 2 meters tall (mobile version).
  • In Minecraft, It is also mentioned that the player is a miner, builder, alchemist, hunter, and explorer.
  • The player's name is commonly known as Steve.
  • The player is also heroic and friendly at any occasions.
  • The player's skin can be changed any time at the Internet. Iconic characters and heroes from cartoons, television, video games, movies, anime, etc. are available from websites such as:
  • The player's iconic character, Steve, appeared in several other medias such as YouTube, etc. and also appears as an easter egg or cameo in other video games.
  • The player is also the main protagonist of countless maps, mods. Notable mods like the famous Herobrine mod in which they have to fight Herobrine by building through a totem. This mod serves as a real challenge to those players who willingly wants to face the wrath of Herobrine. Defeating Herobrine will give a player too many exp orbs and a rare notch golden apple. However, the player is also the main protagonist of different survival, adventure, or even horror maps.
  • The player could also be the main protagonist of the upcoming 2022 film, Minecraft. However, it was rumored to be an unnamed teenage girl who will set out on a quest in the overworld with her friends, or it could be the player's default character, Steve, itself.
  • The player's main and original protagonists, Steve and Alex, doesn't appear most likely in the spin-off games, similarly as the security guards in the Five Night's at Freddy's franchise, where it is joined by another protagonist set in the same universe, but different characters and premise. However, Steve and Alex still appears in Minecraft Earth, and some updates of Minecraft itself, and has a high chance of appearing in the new dungeon-crawler game, Minecraft Dungeons as the protagonists once again. Additionally, the feedback site of Minecraft Dungeons has a blog that will make Steve and Alex appears in the game as unlockable characters.


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