Playful Heart Monkey is a Care Bear Cousin who appeared in various forms of 80's Care Bear media. He is voiced by Marla Lukofsky.


He is a light brown monkey whose Belly badge is a red heart-shaped balloon flanked by various party favors.


Rarely if ever serious, Playful Heart is a practical jokester of the wildest kind. When he's not telling a joke, he's busy planning his next prank or oddball scheme just to get a laugh. While he's probably the last guy you'd call to handle anything that requires even the smallest degree of tact, he's also the one who's willing to put his whole body on the line just to put a smile on someone's face. His natural agility makes him feel right at home in the treetops of the Forest of Feelings. He and Funshine Bear share the same personality traits. Since they like to joke around, laugh, and play.


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