Poil (or Pearl) is a character from the Casper the Friendly Ghost franchise. She is a ghost who is the girlfriend of Spooky and is also good friends with Casper.  First appearing in Spooky #3 in 1954, she has made numerous appearances since.


Poil's has a face and body shape similar to that of Casper's, with a small nose and blue eyes.

Her most distinctive feature is her long, blonde hair with a purple (or pink) bow on top.


Poil is essentially a female counterpart to Casper.  She is calm, innocent, and kind-hearted like the namesake friendly ghost, and doesn't like to scare people on purpose like her boyfriend.  She is also notably intelligent, and likes to read and go to school.  She speaks in a Brooklyn accent.

In The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper, her personality is comparable to a dumb blonde, as she is notably absent-minded and takes figurative expressions way too literally.  She however retains her freindliness from the comics and still doesn't approve of scaring humans intentionally like her friend Casper.

Her relationship with Spooky, which is emphazied upon throughout both the comics and cartoon, is somewhat rocky.  Often times, she has been shown to have a more positive relationship with Casper rather than her boyfriend.



Poil first appeared in Spooky #3, Spooky came across her while trying to escape a truant officer from his school (who was later revealed to be Poil's father).  When they first met, Poil took a liking to the Tuff Little Ghost at first, until learning that he lied to her about cutting classes.  She however seemed to forgive him later on, and the two began dating soon afterwards.

Eventually, Poil met Spooky's good-natured cousin Casper, whom she quickly befriend.

Since her initial appearance, she has made multiple appearances as a recurring character.

The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper

Poil makes numerous appearances in the animated series as a supporting character who often participates in Casper's adventures, often alongside her boyfriend Spooky.

Casper's Haunted Christmas

Poil plays minor role in the film, where she has a picnic with Spooky atop one of New York's skyscrapers before becoming disappointed when Spooky leaves to help the Ghostly Trio to get Casper to successfully scare one person (as per ghost law) before Christmas Eve.


  • Her actual name is Pearl, however because of Spooky's accent, it is often pronounced as "Poil", which she is often credited as.


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