Pola was a Zara-class heavy cruiser of the Italian Regia Marina (Royal Navy). She was built in the Odero-Terni-Orlando shipyard in Livorno in the early 1930s and entered service in 1932.

Pola initially served as the flagship of the 2nd Squadron, and in 1940 she led the squadron during the battles of Calabria and Cape Spartivento, in July and November, respectively. During the latter engagement she briefly battled the British cruiser HMS Berwick. Pola was thereafter reassigned to the 3rd Division, along with her three sister ships. The ship took part in the Battle of Cape Matapan in late March 1941. During the battle, she was disabled by a British airstrike. Later, in a fierce night engagement in the early hours of 29 March, Pola, Zara, Fiume, and two destroyers were sunk by the British Mediterranean Fleet with heavy loss of life.



She is a drunkard, loves to drink red wine, and sometimes tends to get naked while drunk.


She is depicted as having gray wavy hair, grayish brown eyes, and thick eyebrows. She also wears a uniform similar to big sister Zara's. Pola wears a black corset over a white shirt, a red miniskirt with anchors attached, white thighhighs and grey boots. Accessories include a red bowtie and a mini hat based on the appearance of the historical Pola's rangefinder.

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