The Police (inFAMOUS) are agroup of minor protagonists in the inFAMOUS series.



The Police department was trapped in the chorenteen with everyone else in Empire City. What little there was of them went to fight against the Reapers, Dust Men and the First Sons. There would either help or attack Cole MacGrath depending on his karma.


It is believed that after the Beast destroyed what was left of Empire City, most, if not all of the Police officers their also died.

In New Maras, however, the Police officers there would fight against the Militia, the Corrupted and Vermaar 88, as well as Cole MacGrath again depending on his karma.

inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood

The Police have been shown to fight against Vampire Packs, they would only want to fight Cole if he bites one of them.

inFAMOUS First Light





  • The Police are the only faction in the InFamous series to have appeared in almost every game.
  • The Police are so far the only heroic faction in the inFAMOUS series.


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