I entrust you with the Power of Light!
~ Porun to Cures Black and White

Pollun (Porun in the English Dub) is the Prince of the Garden of Light. When communicating with members of the Garden of Light, he turns into the Rainbow Commune and everyone can hear what is said and communicate openly. He also grants Pretty Cure the power of light which gives them their Rainbow Bracelets. He lives predominantly with Nagisa Misumi in Futari wa Pretty Cure and with Hikari Kujou in Max Heart. He tends to end his sentences with "-popo".


Pollun's is white with mint green coloring, and furry neck with green orb at the end of his tail. Pollun also wears a crown. He looks reminiscent to a small dog or rabbit with long ears.


Pollun, although with a royalty status, is still like a young child. He has plenty of energy and loves to play and have fun, and can be childish at times and a spoiled brat on occasion which annoyed Nagisa at first while he lived with them. However, Pollun is always ready to help Pretty Cure when he can and will even rush head-first into battle to help them out.

Over time Pollun begins to mature and learns to be more selfless.


  • Pollun is the first white colored mascot.
  • Pollun is also the first mascot to wear a head ornament, which is a small crown.
  • He and Lulun are the first two sibling mascots.


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