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Mullo, get squeaky!
~ Myléne during her transformation into Polymouse

Myléne Hapréle is one of the tetartagonists from Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. In season 4, she receives the Mouse Miraculous from Ladybug, which, when inhabited by the kwami Mullo, can transform her into Polymouse, a mouse-themed superhero.

She is voiced by Jessica Gee in the English dub and Jessie Lambotte in the French version.


Physical appearance

Mylène is quite short and chubby with blonde hair styled into dreadlocks with some strands dyed strong malachite green, vivid cornflower blue, and brilliant rose. A dreadlock on the left side of her head has a purple cat bead; another dreadlock on her right side has a golden loop and moderate gamboge eyes and pale magenta lipstick.

Civilian attire

She wears a pink bandana to hold her hair back, and she has a necklace with a stone pendant. She wears a brilliant azure T-shirt with a white silhouette design on the front of a pigeon holding a olive tree branch with 3 leaves, which is underneath an grayish lime green jacket with a hood. There are pins attached to her jacket: on the right side, she has a daisy pin; on the left side, she has a ladybug pin, a panda pin, and a yellow and green pin. Additionally, she wears moderate tangelo jean shorts, very brown leggings, and dark purple and white sneakers. She is often seen wearing the pin that Ivan gives her in the episode Horrificator

As Polymouse

As Polymouse, Mylène has moderate green eyes, and her hair is still braided, but is light brilliant rose-colored and shorter, tied into a pigtail in the back of her head. Which is hidden by a medium gray jacket with a hood which bears mouse ears with light pink insides.

She wears a medium gray mouse-themed turtlenecked jumpsuit with a pale pink front, starting from her collar to her thighs. And pale pink gloves and boots with light amaranth borders, fingers and soles, which have magentaish black mouse footprint markings. And a light gray face mask with pale pink eyelids and borders, and a brilliant crimson accent on the bridge of her nose, resembling a nose. The jump rope, when not in use, is tied in her hips, resembling a mouse's tail. The gray material of her costume seems to be iridescent as it shines pink in some lighting.


Mylène is a meek and cordial girl. Although she tries to be brave, she is easily frightened by anything that she sees as scary, which she is ashamed of and even cries about in "Horrificator". She also is sensitive to being made fun of and is hurt by Chloé's mean remarks about her. She appreciates kindness, and she speaks very fondly of those she loves. According to Marinette in the webisode with the same name, Mylène always tries to look for the best in people.

As Polymouse, Mylene's personality mostly remains the same, but she shows more confidence and bravery.

Powers and abilities

As a civilian

Mylène is a decent actress, being chosen for the leading role in the class's film. However, it's hard for her to stay in character when she is scared by something, like Ivan's mask.

As Polymouse

Polymouse has enchanted abilities like speed and strength, and most notably agility, being able to jump much higher than either Ladybug or Cat Noir.


Season 1

She is dating Ivan.

In "Horrificator", she is corrupted by Hawk Moth into the titular supervillain that grows more powerful the more feared she is.

Season 4

In "Mega Leech", Ladybug gives the Mouse Miraculous to Myléne to help defeat André Bourgeois, who has been transformed by Hawk Moth into Malediktator again. She meet Mullo, the mouse kwami, and transforms into Polymouse for the first time,



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