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Poppi is one of the characters from Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

She was voiced by Misaki Kuno in the Japanese version, and by Arina Ii in the English version.


In the land of Alrest, Blades are the result of a Driver resonating with a Core Crystal. Should the Driver have the right aptitude, they will gain a fighting partner with the ability to manifest weapons. However, if they don't there can be disastrous consequences to the point that people spontaneously bleed out. Wanting to be a part of this process a Nopon named Soosoo attempted to resonate with a Core Crystal but failed and gained a nose bleed for three days. So Soosoo thought if he couldn't naturally become a Driver, he'd just a Blade for himself. This work and research took decades and by the time he made a model, he already had a son named Tatazo who in turn had a son named Tora. The three Nopon shared the desire to become Drivers and continued to work on this artificial Blade named Lila. However, one day the family was attacked by the mob and claimed Soosoo, Tatazo and Lila. Before being captured, Soosoo gave Tora Lila's blueprints and ether furnace to continue his research in Gormott. Years later, Tora would continue to work on an artificial Blade and would encounter Rex who would help him finish this project. After finishing the Blade Pyra told Tora that he couldn't keep calling the Blade "artificial Blade" so Tora named her Poppi. Poppi would then serve as Tora's Blade and overall muscle and helped Rex with his journey to Elysium.


Like all Blades, Poppi has the power to grant tremendous power to her Driver, in this case, Tora. Her element and stats can be altered by Tora via Poppiswap since she is his creation. Poppi α's base element is stone and is equipped with a Drill Shieldas her weapon, Poppi QT's base element is fire and is equipped with Mech Armsas her weapon while Poppi QTπ's base element is ice and is equipped with the Variable Saber as her weapon.

Poppibuster is a Nopon shaped mech piloted by Poppi MK. II that can be used by every Drivers other than Tora since his main purpose is to have Poppi fight with multiple Drivers at the same time. Poppi MK. II has no mind of her own and is herself remotely controlled by the original Poppi. The Poppibuster has his own A.I however and is programed to assist Poppi. The Poppi Buster's element is light and is equipped with a Shield Hammer as his weapon.


As a result of being an artifical Blade, Poppi has some abilities that are exclusive to her.

  • Flight: Poppi is equipped with rockets in her feet and these allow her to engage in aerial combat.
  • Super strength: Along with being one of her field skills, Poppi has superhuman strength and is one of the strongest members of the team.
  • Energy Sensing: Poppi has the ability to sense the energy of the environment and specific people. She used this ability to discern that Jin had unleash a massive amount of power without any changes to the ether environment.
  • Light Generation: Poppi is also equipped with the ability to generate beams of light from her eyes.
  • Ether Furnace: This ether furnace allows Poppi to generate ether on her own, allowing her to be able to use arts and not be hindered in environments where there are none.
  • Type Change: Though Poppi is initially an earth Blade, she has the potential to become any type of Blade provided Tora has the right equipment.



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