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Poppy is one of the supporting characters from Angry Birds franchise. She is one of Stella's best friends from "Angry Birds Stella".


Poppy is a yellow bird who has 3 spiky tufts of hair that are waved back. She has yellow and pink tail feathers, and has pink spots on her cheeks, and has green eyes.


Her power is aimed and functions similarly to Matilda's egg bombs. However, Poppy sends herself "drilling" through blocks and obstacles placed directly below her as opposed to relying on another object that she drops to do the work.


Poppy has a cheerful demeanor throughout the series. She loves fun, being adventurous, and being creative, just as the rest of her friends. Poppy also enjoys to prank others but usually takes it to far. She can be quite crafty and arrogant, as she misleads Willow and Dahlia into thinking that she defeated a monster all by herself.

Despite this trait, Poppy is still a loyal bird in the end and is comforting to be around, as she attempts to cheer Stella up after she is crushed by Gale's new persona.


  • Poppy share's color's with Cuddles From Happy Tree Friends.
  • In Telepods (figure and image), Poppy has blue eyes, pink belly, and no pink cheeks.
  • Almost every one of Poppy's scrapbook images have glasses.
  • The plush toy of Poppy lacks her pink cheeks.
  • Poppy's ability is just like Silver's, However, Poppy does not do a loop.

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