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I'm no hero. Just a yordle with a hammer.
~ Poppy

Poppy, also known as the Keeper of the Hammer, is a heroic playable champion from the MOBA game League of Legends. The dutiful yordle protector of the hammer of Orlon, she travels Demacia in hopes of finding its rightful wielder, known only as the legendary "Hero of Demacia".

The 43rd champion added to the game, Poppy was released on January 13, 2010, and received a full visual and gameplay update on December 9, 2015. She is most commonly played in the top lane.

She is voiced by Kate Higgins.


Like most yordles, Poppy was originally from Bandle City, but always felt that she did not fit in to such a chaotic place of magic and whimsy. Steadfast and brave, Poppy wanted something more out of life and left her home in search of something greater. One day, she happened upon the human settlements in western Valoran, on the outskirts of the new kingdom of Demacia. As a small, magical creature, Poppy knew she would have to keep herself hidden from humans, so for a long time she only observed their civilization from afar.

Over time, Poppy found herself drawn to a caravan of soldiers, watching their exercises and morning routines with great interest. Impressed by the discipline, coordination, and efficiency of their actions, Poppy realized this was something she wanted to be a part of, and in a single life-changing decision she revealed herself to the commander, Orlon.

While their meeting was met with confusion and questions on both ends, Orlon took a liking to Poppy and allowed her to join his battalion. As her mentor, the two became inseparable and Poppy devoted her life to his cause. With her bravery at his side, Orlon's battalion became one of the strongest in Demacia, and Orlon became a popular hero throughout the kingdom, his hammer seen as an icon that could rally the people for the common good.

Many years passed, and as Orlon lay on his deathbed he gave her his hammer, saying that the weapon was never truly his. It belonged with the Hero of Demacia, the one he could entrust with the future of the kingdom. As Orlon passed, Poppy swore to search the entire kingdom for this hero so she could give him the hammer, too humble to realize that Orlon was talking about her.


Poppy is a dutiful soldier, described as tenacious and determined, but is not always obedient, shown to question Orlon's orders when she disagrees in an inquisitive and almost childishly naive manner. Nonetheless, Poppy was one of the most devoted followers of Orlon's cause, and continues to abide by her mission even centuries after his death, making her true to her word. By Orlon's description, Poppy embodies the characteristics of the true "Hero of Demacia", and though her humility prevents her from realizing this, her bravery has helped the kingdom numerous times, making her the one rightful wielder of Orlon's hammer.




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