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Poppy is the titular protagonist of the Poppyverse, a series of surreal videos on YouTube. She is portrayed by Moriah Pereira.


Not much is known about Poppy mostly because her identity is actually strictly guarded by her handlers. For instance, Poppy's official age is unclear. Some speculate that her age was given in a video entitled "Happy Birthday to Poppy" where she claims that she was born on January 1st, 2001, thus inferring that she is roughly around 17 years old. However, her actress stated that she is six years older than the character she plays.

What is known is that she at some point in her life was given a singing career by "Them" an enigmatic group of wealthy men first mentioned in "They Have Control". As previously stated, they have some strict rules when dealing with Poppy. For one, they provide her with clothes and other necessities, but strongly prohibit her from sharing anything about her private life to her fans. If she were to as much as go against her handlers' demands, they would punish her sternly for her disobedience. There are several theories when it comes to Poppy's behavior. Some suggest that she is an android or is under the influence of the Illuminati. However, there have been some moments where Poppy is known to break character. For instance, in earlier videos, she was able to go against her handlers' wishes, though those moments often end up becoming rectified.

For the most part, Poppy presents herself as being very friendly and appreciative of her fans. She advocates being yourself rather than trying to be similar to her alongside continually insisting that she loves her audience. One of the more recent developments is that Poppy had developed a cult of sorts around herself where she encourages her fans to pray to her as well as treating her as their queen. She once wrote a book named The Gospel According to Poppy which is essentially her version of the Bible that consists of transcripts from her YouTube videos, references to God and prayers. She relates watching her videos to attending church for her fans. She is frequently shown wearing a membership ring on her finger; on it is a pink triangle with a "P" in the middle. However, when asked directly if she was a cult leader or at least was associated with one, she would deny it much like with her backer Titanic Sinclair.


  • Poppy appeared in a Comedy Central special called Internet Famous with the Devil.