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I wanted to thank you for freeing me, I was stuck in there for so long. Thank you. I'd like to pay you back! There is a train station nearby. It needs a code, I have it. We're going to get out of here.
~ Poppy stating that she's helping the player
I was so scared she would put me back in that case. But you saved me. You are perfect. Too perfect to lose. I'm sorry. I can't let you leave. I've never met anyone like you. *laughs* Do you know how long I've been stuck in that case? Well, too long... I had so much time to think and reflect. Time to figure out exactly what I would do when free. We'll set things right. Terrible things have happened, but I know that whatever I need you to do, you're capable. We will... *beeping garbled static* What-?
~ Poppy stating that she's needs the player's help.

Poppy Playtime is the titular deuteragonist of the game Poppy Playtime and the first living toy to be born.

Poppy Playtime was the first doll to be created by Elliot Ludwig who was the same person who went on to found Playtime co. in the 1950's and she was designed to chat with little girls. In her commercial she is shown to be cheerful and has some nice manners as well as a desire to look good and pretty ness.


Poppy is a petite doll with chalk-white skin, freckles and rosy cheeks. She has red, curly hair tied into double pigtails, held up with a pair of blue ribbons. She wears a large, flouncy powder blue gown with long frilly sleeves adorned with numerous bows, frills, and bustles, and a pair of black Mary Janes. She also wears red lipstick. She has a pair of thin, black eyebrows, and a pair of uncannily realistic-looking blue eyes framed by long lashes.


She was imperiled to be human and was the first living toy to be born as playtime co was experimenting with a lot of stuff in creating other living experiments. Poppy was sealed away in the factory for years and was inside the large doll house like room below the factory with the front door being a large poppy flower which is her name sake. There the player was sent in there to free her and did so by the end of chapter 1.

In Chapter 2 Poppy shows up in the intro telling the player to wake up and when the player wakes up poppy was gone poppy later appears in the vent in Elliot Ludwig's office where she is grateful for the player saving her and decides to go with the player to escape the factory. After which she crawls to the vents thanks to her small size. She was later seen again in the another room talking to the player about escaping and getting the train codes. Poppy was later kidnapped by Mommy Long Legs and was later seen gain after Mommy Long Legs death where poppy after freeing her has a changed demeanor. Poppy would later change her mind and use the player to set things right explaining how everyone died and that she said that everything was her fault but is trying to stop the tragedies form continuing. But before Poppy finishes something cuts her off and sends the player into the daycare.


  • Porcelain dolls were very popular as pretend-and-make-believe toys for young girls in the 90s. Coincidentally, if Poppy was indeed made from porcelain, it would likely make her one of the most popular toys of Playtime Co.
  • Although Poppy is revealed to be The Player's ally in Chapter 2, it is theorized that she has ulterior motives which could lead to her becoming an villain however she may need the Player's help to defeat the Prototype and end its reign of terror.
  • A deleted audio of Poppy features a longer line from Poppy if she hadn't been interrupted from talking to the Player by Mommy Long Legs kidnapping her by dragging her into the large hole. The deleted audio features Poppy instructing The Player on where to go.
    • A deleted animation from a MOB Games animator reveals that Poppy used to have a more monotone voice of Chapter 2; she lacks the energetic and joyful persona she ultimately has in the final game. In the animation, Poppy's monologue is longer and consists of information pertaining to the game's plot like foreshadowing Mommy Long Legs potentially being a threat.
    • A deleted, fully recorded audio of Poppy showed an alternate ending that Poppy was supposed to have. In the audio, Poppy's voice is a lot more monotone and her monologue was longer, revealing various information pertaining to the plot that was ultimately removed from the final game for some reason.


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