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Poppy Prescott is one of the two deuteragonists (alongside Gru Jr.) of Illumination's 15th film, Despicable Me 4. She is a teenage girl who teams up with Gru.

She is voiced by Joey King, who also played Elle Evans from Netflix's The Kissing Booth trilogy and the China Girl in Oz The Great And Powerful movie.


Poppy was first seen glaring at Gru and his family when they first arrived at Mayflower. On their first day, Poppy was later seen getting in her father's car when Gru tried to get her to be friends with Margo on her first day of school, which she denied. Days later, she snuck into Gru's yard and confronted him. She told Gru that she knew his true identity and that she would reveal it to the whole world unless he helped her.

The next day, Poppy threw a paper throwing star at Gru instructing him to meet her at her treehouse. She then engaged in a dancing video game with her cat, Renfield, before Gru arrived. After Gru and his son Gru Jr. finally managed to get into Poppy's treehouse, she told him that she was going to steal Lenny, the honey badger mascot of Lycee Pas Bon. Poppy believed that this act would impress the school enough that they would allow her to become a student.

Later on that night, Poppy, Gru, Gru Jr., and two minions: Ron and Phil, snuck into the school. After going through obstacles, the 5 managed to steal Lenny. However things go awry when Poppy accidentally triggered the alarm that woke up Principal Übelschlecht. They were nearly killed by Übelschlecht, though they escaped by using the principal's flying car. After the heist, Poppy thanked Gru and assured him that she wouldn't tell anyone his secret.

Reconsidering her dismissive nature towards Margo, Poppy arrives at the AVL safehouse to hang out with Gru's children including Margo's sisters, Edith and Agnes, the following day along with Lenny and the minions while Ron made popcorn. Their playdate was interrupted when Übelschlecht came to the house looking for Gru after identifying and tracked their location through Lenny's tag which the group was unaware of. Poppy then left the house, though she returned with the stolen flying car just after Gru Jr. was kidnapped by Maxime Le Mal, who also found Gru's location with help from the principal.

Using the car, Poppy helped Gru get onto Maxime's plane to save his son. She reunites with Gru and his family following Maxime's defeat to celebrate their victory before the family moves back to their original home. Later, her plan to get accepted into Lycee Pas Bon was successful, as she was seen attending during the film's ending sequence.


Poppy Prescott has sky blue eyes and striking long ginger hair, often seen wearing a black elastic head mask with metal goggles. Her outfit features a pink vest adorned with a "P" symbol, representing her name, complemented by a belt with a matching emblem, along with her having braces.


Poppy Prescott is an ambitious aspiring criminal and a devoted admirer of Gru's infamous career. Determined to surpass his legacy, she initially comes across as manipulative to the point where she threatens to reveal Gru’s identity unless he aids her in stealing Lenny the Honey Badger. Despite her initial façade, Poppy's gentle side emerges when she witnesses Gru Jr. taming and hugging Lenny, prompting a change in her demeanor. After successfully completing the heist with Gru, she transforms into a positive force, developing a friendship with Gru and his family. Poppy's loyalty shines through when she helps Gru rescue his son from the clutches of Maxime Le Mal, demonstrating her dedication to those she cares about.


  • Poppy was originally going to be the main antagonist of the film, but the role was given to Maxime Le Mal. instead.
  • Poppy speaks with a lisp, by making her the second Illumination character to be lisp-speaking after Otto.
  • In her treehouse, a few posters of The Vicious 6 from Minions: The Rise of Gru can be spotted. She may also be a fan of the Villain Group.
    • While it is almost invisible due to how close to the edge of the screen it is, an Evil Bratt Action Figure can be found in her room as well.

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