Porkrind is a minor supporting character in the 2017 video game Cuphead.  He is the shopkeeper of his namesake emporium, which sells various weapons and charms Cuphead and Mugman can purchase to use against Bosses.


Porkrind is an athropomorpic pig.  He has a somewhat muscular build, with skin color similar to humans, a pink snout, and a black curled mustache similar to those typically worn by cartoon villains.  Only his upper body is visible.

He wears a grey shirt with white hems, brown overalls, and a black eyepatch with a grey band, suggesting that he may have lost an eye in a past accident or is otherwise just cosmetic.


Porkrind is one of the few residents of the Inkwell Islands that is automatically an ally to the Cuphead and Mugman (largely because the Devil does not have a contract for his soul). He uses his emporium to allow the brothers to spend any coins they collected on their adventure to obtain various weapons and charms to use against the bosses scattered throughout the islands.  Each weapon and charm has their own strengths and weaknesses, so the brothers much choose which ones to use in each of the boss battles respectively.


The following is a list of all the items Porkrind sells at his store and their respective prices:


  • Spread (4 coins)
  • Chaser (4 coins)
  • Lobber (4 coins)
  • Charge (4 coins)
  • Roundabout (4 coins)


  • Heart (3 coins)
  • Smoke Bomb (3 coins)
  • P. Sugar (3 coins)
  • Coffee (3 coins)
  • Twin Heart (5 coins)
  • Whetstone (3 coins)


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