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"Hi! I'm Pororo!"

- Pororo introducing himself to the viewers

Pororo, also known as President Pororo by fans, is the titular protagonist of the Korean Animated series of the same name. He is a little penguin who lives in Porong Porong Village, along with his group of friends.

In the Korean version, he is voiced by Lee Seon. In the English version, he is voiced by many English voice actors. He is voiced by Anna Paik in Season 1, Samia Xl in Season 2, and Monique Lee in Season 3-present.


Pororo is a curious, playful little penguin. He enjoys playing pranks on his friends. He has a crush on Petty, which made Loopy jealous. He lives in a pine-tree house with Crong, who is his best friend, also his adoptive younger brother. Both have a close brother relationship, though they bicker a lot.

Despite his playful personality, Pororo is kind and tries to help his friends whenever they are in trouble.


In Season 1-2, Pororo was naked, and wore orange goggles and a colored-tan aviator cap. In Season 3-Present, Pororo wears a blue aviator jumpsuit and a yellow racing helmet, golden gloves and a matching bandana.