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Poseidon is a dragon and minor protagonist in Dragalia Lost. He is one of five dragons who are corrupted by black mana, becoming a void dragon. However, through the willpower of Elisanne, he is the first of them to be purified and reborn.


In his original form, Poseidon had a serpentine appearance with blue scales and a white scarf. He wielded a trident in his hands.

While under the influence of the black mana, Poseidon's scales became completely black and his trident was given a shadowy coloration. his scarf had turns from white to a dark blue.

Upon being reborn, he becomes a lot spikier on top, and his bottom half is a mix of white scales and water. He has a newer and bigger trident in this form.



A dragon of legend who dominates the seas of South Grastaea. Worshipped by sailors, his iron confidence gives him a broadminded personality. He particularly likes adventurous youths, giving them both advice (wanted or not) and protection.


Poseidon, the wyrm of legend who ruled the seas, is reborn. After receiving the faith of a maiden, he was freed from the miasma eating away at him. While his boisterous persona is unchanged, he is re-examining his view of people's strength.


Regular Dragon Story

The waters surrounding southern Grastaea were considered to be the domain of Poseidon, who protected them with his powers to where sailors fear him. However, one sailor by the name of Troy opted to challenge the dragon to allow him and his fellow sailors to sail the seas in peace. Poseidon warned the boy that although he has control of the waters, he has no control of the beasts dwelling within. The warnings do not scare Troy, prompting Poseidon to see if Troy's will is stronger than his storm.

Using his powers, Poseidon causes the waters to rage around Troy. However, Troy claims to have wisdom that Poseidon doesn't, and he starts to deliver corny ocean puns that bring the raging waves to a halt. Amused by Troy's actions, Poseidon declares him victorious and allows him to pass.

However, as the adventurer known as Troy is a well-known braggart, this story is taken with a grain of salt.

Reborn Dragon Story

Being controlled by black mana, Poseidon struggled desperately to keep him being fully consumed by the corruption. He finds himself at odds with his evil consciousness, Void Poseidon, who calls him weak and unworthy of being king of the seas.

Poseidon's resistance caused the black mana to take form of his biggest regrets.

As Poseidon started to give in, he hears the voice of a Paladyn and an Auspex who motivate him to keep fighting. with their aid and his willpower, Poseidon manages to expel the black mana from himself, granting him a physical rebirth.


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