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Hero Overview
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And awaa-aa-aay we go!
~ Powerglide

Powerglide is a character from the Transformers Generation 1 franchise. His original bio portrayed him as somewhat cocky. He is one of the few Autobots who has the ability to fly, and takes full advantage of this using massive bursts of acceleration to outpace his opponents. He transforms into an A-10 Thunderbolt II Warthog Airplane, but on the ground he is relatively weak.


Powerglide made his debut in the episode "A Prime Problem", where he saved Spike Witwicky after Megatron threw him from his ship, with no explanation of his origin. He went on to make regular appearances, seemingly replacing Skyfire as the Autobot aerial support. Powerglide seems to have a real superiority complex as he calls himself "Sophisticated", "Ace of the Air", and "Sultan of the Sky."

He had many adventures, including being shot down by a teleporting Skywarp ("The Master Builder"), acting as a "giant evil alien" in a Hollywood film ("Hoist Goes Hollywood"), delivering the miniaturized Perceptor, Brawn and Bumblebee to knock out the Heart of Cybertron within Megatron ("Microbots"), and traveling to Cybertron with Ironhide and Inferno to save Optimus Prime and battle Decepticons alongside the Female Autobots, where he was reunited with his long lost love Moonracer ("The Search for Alpha Trion").

Transformers Animated

The Animated incarnation of Powerglide, due to all Autobots being unable to fly, takes on a truck alt-mode, but is a brilliant pilot. As revealed in the AllSpark Almanac guidebook, during the Great War, his piloting skills were legendary, which did lead him to become somewhat of a show-off.  After the War, he became a civilian pilot, and would be seen in crowd-scene cameos during the TV show. 

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