Praline is Princess Amber's pet peacock who appears in the Disney Junior series Sofia the First. He is voiced by Keith Ferguson.


Praline made his debut appearance in the episode "Blue Ribbon Bunny" where Amber entered him in a pet contest. His special talent is shimmering trail feathers. In the episode "Scrambled Pets" he is revealed to be much like Amber, posh and stylish. He is also very fond of apples and very sensitive as well as proud of his tail feathers. He always worries about them getting ruined, or suspects one is missing. When Amber decided to bring him to school, he got mixed up with Freedo in a sorcery class accident, becoming a peacock-headed baboon, much to his humiliation.

In the episode "Clover Time", he appeared at a surprise party Clover threw in Sofia's room. He wanted to show off his dance moves, including his famous "shimmer".


Ambers bird.png

  • He is one of several characters in Sofia the First to be voiced by Keith Ferguson after Sir Bartleby from "The Silent Knight", the Ogre from "Enchanted Science Fair", and The Wishing Well from "When You Wish Upon a Well".
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