Precious is the tetartagonist in The Nut Job, the deuteragonist of The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature .  She is a pet pug owned by a bank robber until she was adopted by his ex-girlfriend at the end.

She is voiced by Maya Rudolph, who voiced Matilda in The Angry Birds Movie, and Burn in Turbo and she played Rita in Idiocracy and Connie the hormone monstress in big mouth.


She is a small, sturdy, plump, light brown pug dog with a curly tail, black fur around her eyes and black fur on her muzzle. She has warm amber eyes and wears a bright red collar. Precious has small paws and a broad chest. She has black ears.


She is kind, cocky, caring, smart, prideful, aggressive, gentle, fearless, loyal, heroic, friendly, frolicsome, eccentric, licky, and energetic. When she met Surly and Buddy, she aggressively chases and attacks them from taking the nuts, but unfortunately she was ceased and defeated by Surly himself when had the dog whistle. After that, she became friendly and playful towards Surly due to the under the control of a trained dog to an owner disposition. Later in the first film, she completely be friends with Surly and his friends without Surly with uses and control of the dog whistle. She is a kind dog who constantly loves Surly and loves to lick him or giving him more loving licks on him. She literally appears to be prone to be “excessively licking” Surly with her slobbery tongue, in which dogs actually do to show love or admiration, so it’s normal when dogs do that.


  • Her Voice Actress, also voices Burn from Turbo, Matilda from Angry Birds, and Mom from The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part
  • She doesn’t like dog whistles.


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