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Presea Combatir is a character from Tales of Symphonia. She is a lumberjack from the small town of Ozette, in Tethe'alla.

She is voiced by Hōko Kuwashima in the Japanese version of the game, and by Tara Strong and Janice Kawaye in the English version of the game.


Presea's true personality is repressed by her special Exsphere until the middle of the game, when Lloyd attaches a Key Crest made by Altessa to it. Even afterwards, her emotional response remains somewhat subdued. Her speech is relatively blunt, and she is unfamiliar with the basic etiquette against such directness and can be socially distant. She tends to follow along with the group, only stopping to truly take in the situation when it is extremely important. Her lack of social graces makes her unable to recognize her own awkwardness until someone points it out. Examples include Presea still speaking "Klonoan" outside Altamira, and imitating the Gnome brothers when Colette remarks that they're cute.

Although Genis likes Presea, Presea never really shows if she has any true interest in Genis beyond friendship. Due to the anti-aging effects of her Exsphere, Genis sees Presea as a girl near his own age, and does not completely comprehend the fact that she is actually sixteen years older than him. In Dawn of the New World however, she seems to have spent enough time with Genis to understand what he says when he is stuttering.

Presea's only emotional constant is her loneliness. She constantly counts herself out and assumes she has no one left to be with. This makes her extremely quiet and very reserved, and thus she usually only speaks when addressed. She dwells on the fact that she has lost sixteen years of her life and is loath to speak of her father or sister around others.

Presea has a violent temper, though she is difficult to offend. When she is angered, her already massive strength becomes lethal. This is shown when she attacks Vharley in Meltokio and either Colette or Regal in Welgaia. She is not only deadly, but nearly impossible to calm once roused.

Though Presea was quite depressed in the first Tales of Symphonia game, she appears to have a dry form of humor in Dawn of the New World. For example, Emil said he didn't see she was scared, after she told him she was, she replied: "My heart was going 'Wakawakawaka'".


Presea is very adept at making good-luck charm and introduces the Iron maiden to Marta. After Emil asks what sort of power this 'ironmaiden' has, she states that if someone puts a hair from someone they love inside of it then 765 days later they'll find happiness together. Marta asks Presea if she had anyone in mind. Presea replies by stating it's a secret, hinting that she may harbor romantic feelings for someone, possibly Genis.


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