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James Peyton, better known by his stage name Pretty Boy Flizzy, is an R&B sensation known for his actions in real-life. He is one of the anti-heroes of The Boondocks series.

He is voiced by Michael B. Jordan.


After being arrested for armed robbery at a liquor store, Pretty Boy Flizzy asks Tom Dubois to be his lawyer but declined. The next day, Tom reconsidered when the rapper offered to help him in his marriage where in return, the lawyer takes the case. At dinner when a drunken Sarah Dubois embarrassed herself, Tom left the house with Flizzy, who congratulated him for stepping up and took him back to his house and party with the latter's friends. Tom then learns that the armed robbery was a set up by Pretty Boy Flizzy, Tom confronts him back home where the rapper was helping Sarah with Jasmine's birthday party. After telling Tom that every crime he committed in the robbery was all an act, Pretty Boy Flizzy mocked Tom saying he'll make his wife and daughter his, angering the Family Man. The two get into a fight at the end until Uncle Ruckus stops the two and arrests Flizzy, not after winking at Tom, which made him realize that it was all an act just to help the lawyer spice up with his wife and it worked.

As Tom and Sarah get home, the two want to have sex but, pains from Pretty Boy Flizzy led to Tom falling down the stairs when they go into their bedroom. It is possible that Tom helped Flizzy with his case.


Pretty Boy Flizzy is a direct parody of real-life, successful, but controversial R&B singer and rapper Chris Brown. Like the real-life star, he has personal trouble and problems with the law. Tom tries to help him but, for some reason, he believes that Flizzy wants to bang Tom's wife, due to having two songs called, "I Will Do Your Wife" and "White Wife Booty". Flizzy is also shown to be somewhat honest with Tom, admitting that he's a 'fuck up' and that he did beat up his fiance. He tries to stay relevant, where his audience is women and will do whatever it takes to not bore them. Even if it means getting into trouble at the right timing, where he'll be alright in doing so. Pretty Boy Flizzy also believes that women loves 2 things; Money and men who aren't boring.


Flizzy Christanna are parodies of Chris Brown and Rihanna.

  • Both were sides were a couple which lead their relationship to an abuse.


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