The previous HououRanger (ホウオウレンジャー Hōō Renjā?) is the predecessor of Rin of the Heavenly Wind Star. He was part of the past team of Dairangers led by Ryo's father Zhang Liao.


Mythical Chi Beast

  • Mythical Chi Beast Star-Houou


  • Aura Changer
  • DaiBuster
    • Star Sword
    • Star Cutter
  • Dairen Rod
    • Bladed Monk's Cudgel
    • Phoenix Spear
  • Heavenly Treasure Lai-Lai Jewels
  • Great Wheel Blade
  • Pink Kiber 5

Phoenix-Fist attacks

  • Heavenly Wind Star Straight Line Tornado
  • Heavenly Wind Star Big Wheel Blade Whirlwind Slash
  • Heavenly Wind Star Straight Line Press

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