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Prince (later King) Akeem Joffer is the main protagonist of the 1988 romantic comedy Coming to America and the 2021 sequel Coming 2 America. He is the crown prince and sole heir (later King) of the fictional African nation Zamunda.

He is portrayed by comedian Eddie Murphy, who also played Norbit Albert Rice, Dr. John Dolittle, and Axel Foley, and has voiced Mushu and Donkey.


Royal Life

Akeem was born as the only child to King Jaffe Joffer and his wife Queen Aeoleon rulers the affluent African country of Zamunda. Although they vast amount of servants at their disposition, Akeem longs to be independent and self-reliant. Akeem cannot even use the bathroom on his own.

On his 21st birthday, Akeem is introduced to the woman that his parents arranged for him to marry, Imani Izzi. When Akeem learns that Imani has been taught to do whenever he says, he goes outside with his father to talk. Akeem tries to tell his father he wants to marry an independent woman who likes him for who he is as a person, not as a prince, but his father mistakes it for a vaction. Jaffe then agrees to give 40 days before the wedding. When Akeem and his royal retainer Semmi can't decide whether to go New York or Los Angeles to a find a woman, they flip a Zamundan coin and choose New York, then they decide to go to Queens, mistakenly believing it where they can find a Queen.

American Journey

Once in Queens Akeem and Semmi claim to be foreign exchange student and begin living in a decaying apartment. During his time in Queens, he has dates with several hoping to find suitable wife who is independent, but to avail. One night Akeem and Semmi go to a Black Awareness rally, where Akeem witnesses a woman named Lisa McDowell explain the importance rebuilding their community and asking to give donations to assist that cause. Akeem makes a large donation and falls in love with Lisa, believing she is the woman he is looking for. Then Akeem and Semmi get jobs at Lisa's father, Cleo's, restaurant, McDowell's, a McDonald's ripoff.



  • Akeem gave money to the now poor Randolph and Mortimer Duke from Trading Places, another movie Eddie Murphy, who played Akeem, stared in.
    • Ironically Eddie Murphy's character made them poor in Trading Places, while Akeem made them rich again.
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