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Prince Char's first meeting with Ella.

Prince Charmont, or Prince Char for short, is the deuteragonist of Ella Enchanted. He is the prince of Kyrria and develops a close bond with our heroine when he saves her life and aids her on her journey to break the curse inflicted on her. Prince Char may be noble, but he also has a keen sense of humor. He is played by Hugh Dancy in the film adaptation.


Charmont is first seen riding in a carriage with his uncle Edgar and Edgar's pet snake, Heston. He is not thrilled at all about becoming king.

While Charmont is being pursued by fangirls, he and Ella meet for the first time. Her headstrong attitude toward him captures Char's interest, as she is the first female he's met who didn't swoon at the sight of him. After he saves her from being driven over by a carriage, Hattie comes and orders Ella to go.

Later on, Prince Charmont rescues Ella and Slannen from the vicious ogres. He goes along with her to the Giants' wedding. The next day, he invites Ella to his castle, where she meets Sir Edgar. Charmont is about to ask Ella that she could join the coronation ball but it was taken by Ella's stepsisters. Later, Ella and her new friends stopped the ceremony by her saying "Drop that crown!" She explained to the prince that his uncle killed his dad, and Heston tried to bite him.

However, Ella quickly comes to Charmont's aid, and Heston is trampled by his fan club, and it is revealed Ella was telling the truth, and the prince couldn't believe that his uncle would kill his own brother and his father, but after his uncle fainted from the poison, he asked Ella to be his princess, and this time, she happily agreed.


Princess Charmont is an humble and noble person, who isn’t thrilled at the idea of being king. Likewise, he is very good-hearted and genuinely cares for Ella, as he saves he from certain danger several times.


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