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Copper is a Funk Troll and supporting character of Trolls.

He is voiced by Ron Funches.


He's a Funk troll like other except he was love to party and get loud with other trolls same if Branch tried to ruin everything, he get captured by Chef with some other trolls like Creek and Biggie, Satin and Chenille, DJ Suki, Guy Diamond, Smidge and Fuzzbert.

So, Poppy decide to go save them, he got caged with the other in a cage he laugh when the bavent of King Gristle break and he comes to them and tries to eat them alive if he laugh again, when he got free by Branch and Poppy, Bridget was waking up and Poppy show that she's in love with the king. Him and the others help her tried to impress the king, they discover that Creek who was supposed to be eaten is alive, they succeed to steal the jewel, but discover to their dismay that the medallion is empty and they got captured again.

They are again put in a cage, and see that Creek is still alive, but much to the shock of everyone, he betray them to save his own life for not being eaten, and all the trolls get captured and put in a pot, when Poppy decided to give up all hope like Branch does when his grandmother got killed , so, all trolls does the same and they all became sad and gray included him, but Branch who they help to find happiness again decide to help them in return and succeed to give back their happiness and he was playing the harmonica during the song, Bridget then help all the trolls to escape, but Poppy decide that all the bergen need to be happy like them.

They return to the castle to help Bridget who was in trouble to reveal herself as "Lady Glitter Sparkles", they also show the Bergen that they don't need to eat them to find true happiness , because Poppy told them that true happiness is inside them, after they defeated Chef and Creek he danced with all the bergen and other trolls and assist to Poppy queen coronation.

Cooper later learns the history of the other Tribes and realizes that he isn't a Pop Troll, He's Just a Funk Troll which results in him embarking on a journey to find his family. He enters a forest coming upon a monster which he gets away and arrives at a desert where Vibe City located. Thirsty and lost, he tries to drink from a mirage. Then after finding out he has been eating sand the whole time and seeing seemingly nobody around or in sight, he becomes discouraged and breaks down over never having found trolls like him. However, he gets sucked into Vibe City and surprisingly reunites with his long lost family. He is noticeably shocked when his brother tells Poppy that the history they heard isn't accurate. However, he has no choice but to not stay with his family in Vibe City when the Rock Trolls attack. He can only watch Branch and an upset Poppy being sent away before he and his entire tribe get kidnapped.

At Barb's victory rock concert, his brother Prince D are among the audience and can only watch their parents being brainwashed. D almost get attacked by Poppy, though Poppy quickly spares them since she recovers to her senses quickly thanks to her gumdrops. After everyone loses their colors, all hope seems lost until Cooper realizes that he has a glow from his body, which beats with the sound of music. D encourages him to sing, and by joining in a performance with the other Trolls, they all have their colors recovered. He's seen dancing with his family and friends during the end credits.



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