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What are you waiting for? GO!
~ Prince Dreambert's catchphrase
~ Prince Dreambert's other catchphrase

Prince Dreambert is a major supporting protagonist of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. He is the prince of the Pi'illos.


Dreambert is trapped in a Nightmate Chunk at Dreamy Pi'illo Castle and is in a hurry after being released. Mario, Luigi and Starlow find him at Mushrise Park where it he frenetic to find other Pi'illos. Mario and Luigi offer their help while they are also looking for Princess Peach. Dreambert willingly accepts and accompanies the brothers in their quest.

Later at Dream's Deep, Dreambert met his old enemy Antasma for the first time since his imprisonment in a piece of a nightmare. Even with the help of Dreamy Luigi, Mario couldn't defeat Antasma, who teams up with Bowser. With the help of Eldream, the eldest Pi'illo, Dreambert and the others are transported out of Dream's Deep and into Mushrise Park. Towards the end of Mount Pajamaja, Dreambert presents Warp Pipes to the brothers.

Finally, at the Neo Bowser Castle, Dreambert faced Antasma for a short period of time in order to recover the Dream Stone. Unfortunately, Dreambert lost the fight and Mario and Luigi were left to their own devices. The Bros. also later fought Dreamy Bowser, who swallowed the pieces of the Dream Stone after it was shattered by Dreambert and Starlow. Dreambert finally regained consciousness and celebrated the return of all the Pi'illos to the island of Pi'illo.


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