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Hero Overview

Prince Euden is the hero and the main protagonist of Dragalia Lost.

He is voiced by Kōki Uchiyama in the Japanese version, and by Victor Hunter who replaced Vincent Tong in English version.


Euden has blonde hair with an ahoge and green eyes. He wears a white shirt with red and brown details and wears brown pants. His right leg has a red cloth around it, sliver knee length boots, and fingerless gloves.

In his Gala variant, his hair style changed and has sliver armor with red details and a red cape. His eyes are also amber in color.

In his Summer variant he wears a white shirt with blue details and a flower necklace, as well as blue shorts and leather boots.

In his Bondforged variant, Euden's hair has grown longer, with green highlights at the end. His eyes are now lime green and he wears a white suit of armor with green details.


Swordsmanship and knifemanship: Under the guidance of Leif, head of the Royal Guard, Euden has mastered the usage of a sword and knife, being able to channel the elements he is attuned to through his attacks.

Leadership: Euden has shown to be a rather adept ruler and commander, being able to rule New Alberia as a peaceful and prosperous nation amidst the chaos. However, he is sometimes shown to be neglectful of his duties as he tries to deal with multiple crises all the time, leaving him unable to lead his people.

Dragon Shapeshifting: Via his pact with Midgardsormr, Euden can shapeshift into the form of any dragon he forms a pact with and gain their strength and powers. He can also share this power with anybody he deems worthy and allow them to shapeshift as well.


Euden's most notable personality traits are his overwhelming kindness and positivity, showing acceptance to everybody, even going the extra mile to do everything in his power to help others, such as shapeshifting into a dragon so his friend Berserker could finally fufill his dream of fighting one, even founding a new kingdom, New Alberia, to provide asylum to the refugees escaping the Dyrenell Empire, even greeting Elisanne's plush toy out of courtesy when he realises she talks to it like a person and treats it as such. He is also very merciful, as when Jupiter tells him to fight his elder brother Emile to the death for a pact with him, he tries to reason with him over the course of the fight and spares him even after beating him.

Euden is also very brave and has shown to never turn down challenges, impressing some of his foes and making them join him as allies such as Ranzal and the 5 Greatwyrms.

These qualities can sometimes become a failing for him however, as his kindness can sometimes make him neglect his duties as he tries to help others, and as he tries his best to help others, he sometimes berates himself in his voicelines when he fails others.

Despite this, Euden is shown to be somewhat airheaded in the Dragalia Life comics, not being able to properly manage his money and overspending on gifts for the dragons, as well as eating dragonfruit believing it will help him get stronger although it is meant only for dragons. He also shows a penchant for cute things like Elisanne and passes out if he sees something too cute.


  • In one of his voicelines, he mentions that he plays an instrument, but is not very good at it, saying whenever he plays, it sounds like a strangled cat. It is revealed in the Dragalia Life comics that in addition to the unnamed instrument, he plays the piano which he does quite well.
    • He also mentions being bad at cooking and that he enjoys writing stories that Zethia would critique.
  • Euden being a replacement for King Aurelius's deceased son is hinted once in the story "The Lone Paladyn", as Elisanne mistakes Euden for Zethia's servant, which Notte thinks is due to his hair being rather straight while his family has wavy hair.
  • According to Ranzal, Euden is almost 6 feet tall, meaning he is probably around 5.5 feet tall, or in centimetres, 168 cm tall.


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