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Hero Overview

Prince Euden is the hero and the main protagonist of Dragalia Lost.

He is voiced by Kōki Uchiyama in the Japanese version, and by Victor Hunter who replaced Vincent Tong in English version.


Euden has blonde hair with an ahoge and green eyes. He wears a white shirt with red and brown details and wears brown pants. His right leg has a red cloth around it and wears sliver knee length boots.

In his Gala variant, his hair style changed and has sliver armor with red details and a red cape.


His regular variant uses Blazing Circlet and Exalted Fire.

His Gala variant uses Rising Circlet and Exalted Glory.


He was out in the woods fighting monsters on a quest to seek the shard to save his country Alberia. He encounters a mysterious girl who looks identical to his sister Zethia. Then Zethia and Notte came to help him on his quest to see the shard.



The seventh heir of the Alberian royal family, he lives with the mutual support of his twin sister, Zethia, and the faerie Notte. Always smiling, he carries a unique blend of unwavering courage and intense consideration for others.


Captain of Alberia's Royal Guard. An exemplar of the knights, his love for his country is exceptionally strong. A brilliant swordsman, he also served as an instructor in the way of the blade to the royal children.


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