Prince Julian

Prince Julian is a supporting character in the 2004 animated film, Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper. He is Princess Anneliese's tutor, best friend, and later her husband.

He is voiced by Alessandro Juliani.


When Julian loves Anneliese very much, but he knows he was cannot give her what a king can because he is not royalty. His love is very selfless. When Anneliese goes missing, he is also recruits Erika to take her place. While he teaches Erika proper protocol and how to act and behave.

However, he gets suspicious of Preminger and follows him into the forest, Julian is taken prisoner and is kept in the mine tied up. When Anneliese is thrown in the mine with him, she expresses her true feelings to him and proves it doesn't matter whether he is a king or a page, she still loved him. At the end of the film, they get married and he becomes a prince.


Although Julian acts mostly formal, especially at the right situations, Julian treats Anneliese informally and as a friend by advising her as a friend and taking her to the village (which is not something royals do) while acting as her tutor. Julian is very selfless through his love for his then-wife because he would hide his feelings and try to cheer up a despairing Anneliese by telling positive things about King Dominick that might appeal to her and taking her to the village for fresh air. And although his then-wife confessed her love for him, Julian reminds her that he cannot give her what a king can. His only known insecurity is that he thinks he is not good enough for Anneliese. While his love for his wife is shown through the passion of his voice when he sings praises of her in "To Be A Princess" in front of Erika. Like his wife, he a seeker of knowledge. Overall, he is a very pleasant gentlemanly character.


  • Julian is the first peasant Ken character to marry into royalty with Prince Aidan being the second and the only Ken character who is a tutor (to a princess).


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