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Don’t give up! I believe in you!
~ Prince Sidon's catchphrase

Prince Sidon is a supporting character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. He is the second in line of the throne of Zora's Domain, the son of King Dorephan and younger brother of Zora Champion Princess Mipha.

He is voiced by Kosuke Onishi in the Japanese version, and by Jamie Mortellaro in the English version.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

In his childhood days, Prince Sidon was to be set to be the second to ascend the throne, in case Mipha abdicates the throne in favor of her intentions on her marriage with Link, or she passes away. In one of the scenes in the Champions' Ballad, he is seen spending time with Mipha, who shows him the thrill of swimming up the waterfall and tells him "I believe in you", which sparks his signature grin, all which carries over a hundred years later. After Mipha, the Champions, and other people are killed during the Great Calamity, Sidon does not blame Link for his sister's death, nor did he show any resentment towards Hylians and believes that they can still be friends, in spite of these unfortunate events.

Even though Mipha was close to Link, Sidon is not familiar with Link and doesn't recognize him at first when he meets him a hundred years later. Due to Divine Beast Vah Ruta's corruption by Waterblight Ganon, Zora's Domain suffered under constant rainfall as well as several monsters using Shock Arrows and since his aquatic kind can't use the Shock Arrows that can disable Vah Ruta, as they are fatal to Zoras, Sidon, now a young adult, awaits for a skilled warrior who can help his tribe.

Sometime after Link is revived at the Shrine of Resurrection at the cost of the memories of his past, Sidon sees Link and invites him to visit Zora's Domain to solve their crisis and guides him along the way, cheering him on at different points until they finally arrive. When Link enters the throne room, King Dorephan is happy to see him again a century after the Great Calamity, which surprises the young prince, but Muzu, Mipha's elderly mentor, wasn't due to his prejudiced view towards Hylians as well as Link. When the Hylian warrior is presented with the Zora's Armor which would help a non-Zora swim up the waterfall, Muzu had enough and walks away in an angered huff. Sidon went to talk to the Zora elder, while Link tries on the armor. As Link meets up with the two, Muzu is shocked that it actually fits Link perfectly, but still refuses to believe that Mipha had fallen in love with Link and that the Zora Armor is usually meant to propose a marriage to their lover; Link subsequently recalls having a conversation with Mipha upon staring at her statue. Prince Sidon then admits to Muzu that Mipha had feelings for Link, but never told him about it as she knew he would disapprove of their union. Muzu gave it a thought and reluctantly agrees to assist them in finding the Shock Arrows which are found within the territory of an extremely dangerous Lynel, a centaur-like beast that lives on Ploymus Mountain near Zora's Domain, but he is still pessimistic about the situation being resolved.

The Zora Prince meets up with Link at the lake where Vah Ruta is found, spewing droplets of water in the sky, after he gathers the Shock Arrows, and Link rides on his back while Sidon swims near Vah Ruta, and launches the warrior up the waterfall, where he shoots Shock Arrows at the four glowing orbs to decommission the monster and puts an end to the rain, but their problem is far from over, as Link still had to liberate the Divine Beast from the Blight. The Prince wishes Link luck as he enters the beast.

After Waterblight Ganon is destroyed and control was given back to the newly freed spirit of Mipha, Vah Ruta relocates to a cliff to take aim at Hyrule Castle. Zora's Domain's safety is secured and Sidon and the other Zoras including Muzu, who had a change of heart, rejoice for Link's victory.

In the Champion's Ballad, Sidon and his father tells Link of the three trials that Mipha herself underwent while alive.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Sidon reappears in the prequel to Breath of the Wild, taking place before the events of the Great Calamity. His younger self is first seen trying to fight the huge red-maned Lynel that lives on Ploymus Mountain near Zora's Domain until Mipha, Link, Zelda, Terrako, and Impa arrive and drive it off. Although Mipha is worried sick about his well-being and putting himself in danger like that, she is still proud of his bravery in standing up to the hulking Lynel like that, causing him to do his trademark salute and toothy grin to her. After the enemy forces are repulsed by Mipha and Vah Ruta, King Dorephan, with Sidon in attendance, agrees to have Mipha pilot the Divine Beast against Calamity Ganon, but under the promise that she comes back safely, as his heart would not want to bear the grief of losing his daughter and heir against the most dangerous threat to Hyrule and leave Sidon without his big sister in his life at such a young age.

NO! I will not allow you to take her again!
~ Sidon refuses to lose his sister a second time

Later, when the Great Calamity occurs, and Mipha finds herself fighting a losing battle against Waterblight Ganon in Vah Ruta, she prepares to face her death with dignity as Waterblight Ganon moves in for the kill with its flail and Cryonis constructs, but at the last second, the older Sidon from 100 years later in Breath of the Wild, summoned to the past by Terrako, the little Guardian who time-traveled back to alter Hyrule's fate for the better, arrives and deflects Waterblight Ganon's strike, refusing to lose his sister to the Malice-born Shard of Calamity Ganon again. With the older Sidon's help, Mipha is able to hold her ground against Waterblight Ganon much longer than before, but as she prepares to attack it again as Sidon pleads for her not to, not wanting to lose her again, support arrives in the form of Link, with Zelda, Terrako, and Impa right behind him, much to Sidon's relief and Mipha's gratitude. Together, the three of them are able to destroy Waterblight Ganon, keeping Vah Ruta under Mipha's control and saving her life. With Vah Ruta's help, they are able to make it in time to aid Daruk and Yunobo with taking down Fireblight Ganon and keeping Vah Rudania under Daruk's command, as while Mipha recovers, Sidon clears the way to the Igneo Talus that is preventing Vah Ruta from being able to extinguish the lava blocking access to Vah Rudania. During the reprieve afterwards, Sidon explains that he was summoned from the future to help Mipha and the other Champions, but Daruk laughs it off since they can figure it out later as he turns his attention to Zelda to ask about what happened at Hyrule Castle.

After helping Urbosa, Revali, Riju, and Teba with fighting off Thunderblight and Windblight Ganon to protect Vah Naboris and Vah Medoh from falling into Calamity Ganon's hands, Sidon explains that he saw Mipha fighting inside Vah Ruta, and wanting to help her, he somehow was able to time-travel back to when she was alive and save her from Waterblight Ganon. Zelda realizes it was Terrako's doing and thanks it for, once again, altering history for the better. With the older version of her younger brother helping her, Mipha has Vah Ruta head to Akkala Citadel to protect the fortress from Calamity Ganon's forces marching on it and nearly overrunning the defenses, especially since Robbie was there after fleeing the Royal Science Academy following being ambushed by Yiga Clan spies that had infiltrated the academy posing as some of his new hired Sheikah workers, much to his own embarrassment at not checking them thoroughly to weed the Yiga out. Daruk later arrives with Yunobo and Vah Rudania to aid in defending the Citadel, buying time until they could destroy the Citadel's bridge and cut off the Citadel from further attacks, giving the troops garrisoned inside a much-needed chance to relax and recover now that the Citadel was secured and still standing. After the Citadel is saved, as is Fort Hateno, Sidon and Mipha take Vah Ruta to clear Hyrule Field of enemies alongside the other Divine Beasts and their Champions, paving the way to Hyrule Castle, while Purah is able to activate a failsafe that shuts down a vast majority of the corrupted Guardians, cutting Ganon's army to pieces without their main means to raze Hyrule to the ground like in the Breath of the Wild timeline. After Purah is able to supercharge the Sheikah Towers to allow the various races in Hyrule to gather together as a united coalition, including the Rito, Gorons, Gerudo, Zoras, and a reformed Master Kohga and his Yiga Clan Sheikah, along with the Divine Beasts and their Champions, both present and future, with a still-living King Rhoam passing command of the Hyrulean Army to Zelda, she leads the united force to reclaim Hyrule Castle from Calamity Ganon. However, Ganon musters his surviving forces to defend the castle, and an attempt by Zelda to breach his Malice-born barrier so the Divine Beasts can attack him all at once is thwarted when the Blood Moon rises, allowing Ganon's power to reach its zenith and revive his fallen minions to reinforce his defenses.

Nevertheless, the united coalition presses forward, and as they reach the castle citadel, Astor appears with Harbinger Ganon, that timeline's Terrako corrupted by Malice that followed the future Terrako into the past, and after besting both of them, the Harbinger absorbs Astor before using both Astor and the Harbinger to give Calamity Ganon a perfected body, where it then manages to corrupt the future Terrako, turning it against Zelda, forcing Link and the others to fight and critically wound it. Furious at Calamity Ganon for what it made them do to Terrako, Zelda vows that it will be defeated and sealed away for good, but during their fight with it, Calamity Ganon proves invincible to their strikes, until Terrako, despite its condition, heroically sacrifices itself to weaken Calamity Ganon enough to allow Link to deliver the finishing blow with the Master Sword, cleaving Calamity Ganon in half, before Zelda then moves to seal it away with the power bestowed to her by the Triforce and Hylia, despite Calamity Ganon trying to stop her, only for its final, desperate attack to be deflected, and the Calamity is sealed away for good, saving Hyrule from its dark future in Breath of the Wild.

With Hyrule safe and the Calamity sealed away for good, the older Sidon's duty is complete, and he is sent back to his timeline with Riju, Teba, Yunobo, and Riju's sand seal Patricia, with their memories of fighting alongside the Champions intact, knowing that their efforts have ensured a better for future for Hyrule, even if it is in an alternate timeline to their own.

In the Guardian of Remembrance DLC, Sidon is with Mipha as they defend Gopanga Village from Calamity Ganon's monsters. During a break in the fighting, while Mipha heals the wounded Zora troops, Sidon issues orders to the ones still able to fight. At one point, he and the healthy troops are fighting more Moblins while an Electric Moblin goes after Mipha. The younger Sidon tries to protect his big sister from the Electric Moblin, but the older Sidon quickly rushes in to save his younger self and slays the Electric Moblin personally, to his younger self's amazement. Checking on his younger self to see if he is alright, they are joined by Mipha, who's relieved to see neither of them are hurt. As the older Sidon comments his younger self for his heroism, he encourages him to keep getting stronger so he can protect his sister, though as he is saying this, the older Sidon trails off for a moment, thinking about his own sister who's passed away, before recovering. As both Sidon flash their trademark grin, Mipha laughs in amusement.


  • Prince Sidon can sometimes be seen quietly mourning for Mipha, which indicates that he still misses her.
  • Sidon was only a child 100 years prior to Breath of the Wild, and after a century has passed, he is a young adult. It is evidenced by the elderly Zora that the said tribe have longer life spans than any other tribe.

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