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Prince Spark the alien-monkey is the main protagonist of the animated movie Spark: A Space Tail. He also seems to be best friend and surrogate nephew of Chunk, and the surrogate son of Vix.

He was voiced by Jace Norman.


Spark was one the few survivors of the conflict among a warrior fox named Vix, and a pig mechanic named Chunk.

In the present, Spark, Vix and Chunk secretly live on a shard used as a garbage dump, with Vix and Chunk leading insurgency missions against Zhong. One day, Spark intercepts an e-mail sent to Vix about a new mission, and decides to take the mission himself. The e-mail surprisingly leads to the Queen of Bana, whom Zhong still permits to live in the palace. The Queen hands Spark a kraken-finder, which Zhong wants to use to find and recapture the space kraken. Spark decides to use it to find the kraken himself, and he tames the creature and brings it back to Bana. But he then finds his home raided by Zhong's forces, who then capture both him and the kraken. Zhong forces the kraken to make a new slick into which he hurls Spark, Vix, Chunk and the entire garbage shard.

The trio discover that the slick is actually a wormhole that leads to a desert planet and vix was angry at spark but he left. Spark finds survivors of the first slick, living in the King's old flagship battle cruiser. The Captain of the flagship reveals that Spark is in fact the son of the King and Queen, who entrusted Vix and Chunk to hide him away. The King had actually died in an accident some years ago. But Spark has a vision of the King when he visits a memorial to him, and finds a special weapon made for the royal family. Spark rallies the survivors to mount an attack on Zhong, and Chunk figures out a way to use technology to make a slick of their own.

The flagship and survivors return to Bana through their own slick, and ultimately defeat Zhong's forces after a prolonged battle. Spark personally rescues his mother, the Queen, from Zhong's own flagship which gets critically damaged during the battle. Spark decides to rescue Uncle Zhong as well, but the Queen then punches Zhong into the slick. The film ends with Spark becoming the new Prince of Bana.


  • Staff (for training)
  • Staff (given by his father)