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Prince Thadeous is the main protagonist of Your Highness.  He is the younger brother of Prince Fabious and envies his brother's fame and glory.  When Fabious' bride-to-be is captured by Leezar, Thadeous accompanies him on the quest to rescue her. Thadeous is potrayed by Danny McBride.



Thadeous was born as the second born son of King Tallioius and his unnamed queen of Mourne. Being the second born son, he knew he never succeed his father as king as a his brave and selfless older Fabious was around, much to his dismay he as wanted to be king of Mourne, this caused Thadeous to become jealous of his older brother. His jealously caused him to became lazy and arrogant and made him refuse to take any quests. Over the years, Thadeous' jealously increased as Fabious became a famous hero throughout Mourne, while Thadeous on the other hand could not complete a simple task given to him by his father. For example, he failed to convince the king of the Dwarf village around Mourne to sign a treaty after raping his wife and was sentenced to death by hanging. He was only able to survive due to his size and he escaped with his servant and best friend Courtney, who accompanied him. During a party to celberate Faboius killing the evil sorcerer Leezar's cyclops and his wedding to the virgin woman Belladonna, Julie, a servant of Fabious, gloated to Thadeous that Mourne never had a party to celerbrate him. Thadeous then leaves the party and went to the room where the cyclops' head was keep, vowed to become a greater warrior. Then Fabious showed tried to help Thadeous, improve his swordsmanship, and offered to let Thadeous be king with him, which he refuses. Fabious wants his brother to be the best man for his wedding, which he at first refuses but then changes his mind mentions that the best man is allowed to be with the bridesmaids. On the day of the wedding however, Thadeous overheard Boremont and the rest of Fabious' Knights Elite talk about how he didn't deserve Fabious' best man and say other negative things about. He decided to attend wedding and instead hangout with his troll friends and get high.

Spying on Isabel

Thadeous and Fabious see Isabel from a distance as she undresses herself to go for a swim in the pond. When Isabel catches Thadeous and Fabious spying on her, the two keep their distance and freeze in their positions. She ignores them, dives into the water and swims.


Thadeous is a typical slacker who enjoys smoking weed, drinking and is obsessed with sex. He is arrogant, even had a statue made out of himself, and lazy, concisely makes excuses why can't complete a simple task.

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