You see Hopper, Nature has a certain order. The ants pick the food , the ants keep the food, and the grasshoppers leave!
~ Princess Atta to Hopper after the ants realize that they are strong in number and begin to rebel against the grasshoppers.

Atta is the princess (later queen) of the Ant Colony and the deuteragonist of Pixar's 2nd full-length animated feature film, A Bug's Life. She is also the daughter of the Queen, the older sister of Dot and the wife of Flik.

She is voiced by Julia Louis-Dreyfus.


Atta is a gorgeous princess ant, the first daughter of the Queen of the Ant Colony, the older sister of Dot and heir to the throne of Ant Island. During the opening of the film, she’s close to inheriting the crown from her elderly mother. She’s very neurotic throughout the film, regarding her new-found responsibilities, and often concerns about what the rest of the colony thinks about her and loves Flik.

Role in A Bug's Life

During the film, it is shown that she has a small crush on Flik, whereas at the beginning of the film, she does not show much appreciation for him at all, especially when she gets crushed by a stalk that Flik has cut down with his latest invention. When Flik eliminates a pile of food gathered for the grasshoppers by an accident, causing Hopper, leader of the grasshoppers, to double the amount of food offering the ants must gather before the next autumn, Atta sentences Flik to dig in the tunnels for one month in the first place, but she comes to accept his decision of going to the City to recruit some warrior bugs (assuming Flik will not be around to cause any more trouble). When Flik returns to the island with the circus troupe he has mistakenly recruited, Atta becomes mistrustful of the circus bugs and demands Flik to tell what is happening about them. However, after witnessing a nearly deadly bird ambush in which Flik and the circus bugs save the life of her little sister Dot, Atta sees that the circus bugs may be warriors and warms up to Flik (and the circus bugs) as she apologizes to him for her unkindness. When Atta tells Flik Hopper is frightened of birds, Flik kisses her and she gets touched.

When the circus bugs present the plan to build a makeshift bird that can be controlled from the inside (an idea passed from Flik), Atta takes this plan and announces to the ants that they’ll work together to frighten away Hopper should he come back to the island. While the ants build the bird model, Atta's feelings for Flik seems to grow slightly stronger, and she expresses her gratitude to Flik for finding the "warrior bugs," getting her antennae tangled with Flik's in the process later on. However, when P.T. Flea shows up and exposes the truth about the circus bugs, Atta becomes disappointed with Flik, and seeing him through his fibs and insanity, she has him exiled for good. After that, she orders the ants to put away the bird model and gather up whatever food they can find on the island, but they are unable to satisfy the quota demanded by Hopper, which leads to him taking control of the island proving that Princess Atta made a fatal mistake, she puts herself and the entire colony in danger and without Flik and the troupe, there’ll be hope of dispensing with Hopper and his gang has collapsed.

That evening, Flik, who has came back to the island upon hearing from Dot the grasshoppers are going to squish the Queen after all the food on the island has been gathered, exposes the truth behind Hopper's need for the colony. Atta and all the other ants pay very close attention to Flik's monologue, and they all become awestruck to realize Flik is not only being completely honest but also being brainy and strong-minded, something she has not seen inside him before. When Flik is roughed up by Hopper thanks to P.T. Flea, she rushes in to defend Flik, orders Hopper and the grasshoppers to depart, and commends Flik for his courage as she helps him up. When Flik is kidnapped by Hopper, the circus bugs attempt to give chase, but it is Atta who rescues Flik from Hopper. Under Flik's instruction, she takes him across the stream where the bird's nest is located and watches antsily as Flik deals with Hopper. When the bird catches Hopper, Atta pulls Flik to safety and they hide as the bird lowers Hopper into its chicks' beaks.

Later, Atta makes up with Flik and permits him back into the colony. At the conclusion of the film, when the circus bugs are about to depart the island, she expresses her gratitude to them for giving back the colony's hope, dignity and lives and receives a rock, which has magically appeared by Manny's tricks, as a gift. When the ants applaud Flik for his heroism, Atta returns her love for Flik by kissing him. The Queen gives her crown to Atta as she is made the new queen later on. Atta tosses her own tiara to Dot. As Flik says goodbye to his friends, Atta and Dot fly him to a tree root for a better view. There, Atta holds hands with Flik, her chosen mate, as they, along with Dot, wave goodbye to the circus troupe who have departed.



  • Atta is perhaps most notable for breaking a very, very long-standing stereotype of a princess getting kidnapped and having to be rescued by a prince; in her case, she does the rescuing, her "prince" being Flik.
  • Atta is similar to Princess Bala as both are ants, both are the daughter of their colony's queen (The Queen of Ant Island and The Queen Ant). Both are also the love interest of the protagonist (Flik and Z), whom they dislike at first but later reciprocate. However unlike Atta who becomes queen at the end of her film, Bala remains Princess.


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