Princess Corinne Thornton is a reformed character in the 2015 animated film, Barbie in Princess Power. She wad voiced by Britt Irvin. Corinne is the cousin of Princess Kara, Princess Gabby and Princess Zooey. She becomes a superheroine named Dark Sparkle.


Corinne was formerly jealous and rude to Kara, trying to steal her glory and bully people for no reason. She eventually changed for the better after learning that she and Kara had to work together and save the day.

Physical Appearance

Corinne has green eyes and light brown hair. She wears light pink eyeshadow.

Her Dark Sparkle outfit is a purple version of Kara's Super Sparkle outfit.

During the movie, she wears a light blue hairband and a matching tiara. She wears a light blue jacket, dark purple t-shirt, blue belt purple leggings, and blue shoes. On Kara's birthday party, she wears a blue and purple dress.


Corinne used to be jealous of her cousin Princess Kara. She has a strong dislike for animals and bugs.

But now she is very good-natured and sweet.




  • The name Corinne is the French or English variant of Corina, which means "beautiful maiden".
  • She shares the name "Corinne" with Corinne D'Artagnan.


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