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S1e9a Princess Demurra first appearance

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So sayeth the great god of Earthrealm Raiden:
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Life isn't a fairy tale.
~ Princess Demurra's philosophy

According to heer supposed lover, Sir Brad Starlight, Princess Demurra was kidnapped by King Draykor, so he sets out to save her with the help of Wander and Sylvia. But, in reality, she and Draykor were in love and planning to get married; ergo, she had no interest in Brad.

Demurra's take on life is more pragmatic, despite being benevolent and having the appearance of a stereotypical fairy tale princess. Unlike Brad, she knows anybody can't expect life to be like a fairy tale and is aware that real romance can take a lot of work and communication. She's a very capable person, since she saved herself from the much larger Brad, after he attempted to kidnap her from Draykor. However she wasn't able to save herself from Lord Hater in "The Rager".

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