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Princess Felicity is the main protagonist of the 1995 anime version of Sleeping Beauty


In a faraway kingdom in France, King Torrance and Queen Glorie have wanted a child of their own for as long as they can remember. When their wishes come true after a long time with their daughter's birth, they make an announcement for a majestic celebration. All of the fairies from the kingdom are invited and ask to be godmothers for the Princess Felicity. Each of the fairies give the sweet little baby the special gifts of beauty, grace, and intelligence. Primrose attempts to give the child her gift, but Odelia gives the child the gift of death. Primrose is made fearful by the curse of Odelia, so she is begged by the king and queen to keep their daughter safe from the wicked fairy with her gift.

Primrose is doubtful that her magic was able to eliminate the curse, but she decides that if she is unable to get rid of it. She can change it, thus saying that Princess Felicity will indeed prick her finger on a spindle. But as a substitute, she will fall asleep and be awakened by a true love's kiss and Odelia will be the one who dies instead. A week after Felicity's 16th birthday, she walks off to travel through the castle on her own. Beyond a door in one of the fortified towers, she hears an unexpected sound. As she comes into the room, she finds an old lady. This unexpected object causes Felicity to be eager to know it and she asks her to be allowed to try it. The old lady picks up the spindle and give it to her, but Felicity pricks her forefinger by accident.

As her curse has said, Felicity soon involves a sensation of spinning around and knocks into the ground unconscious. Felicity is discovered by the three, so that they place her on a bed in a very gentle way. From beginning to end of the century, many princes and noblemen make a plan to break Odelia's curse. However, everything is unsuccessful. Prince Richard succeeds in dealing with many obstacles to reach Princess Felicity, and causes Odelia's curse and her life to die.

Ultimately, Felicity awakens to Richard's kiss and the others awaken from its long sleep into the bargain. Richard and Felicity are now united in marriage and start a family in the castle to live happily ever after.

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