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Princess Genevieve is the main protagonist in the 2006 animated film, Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses. She is the seventh daughter of King Randolph and the late Queen Isabella who loves her family. Much like her sisters, she loves to dance.

She is played by Barbie and voiced by Kelly Sheridan.


Queen Isabella died by many years, Genevieve and her sisters are serving with the royal issue to their father Randolph. Later on, she has crop up to the dining room with her sisters but well commence relishing the tasty foods with their father after she was casual discussions. However, Genevieve needs to kissing her father as she leave the kingdom and now to parts of Derek and her sisters. While Lacey has petty to unlocked the carriage door on outside of kingdom, who could find out to the most ballet shoes. Meantime, Genevieve eventually on her collection of the shoes with her sisters.

Only maneuver to gently dancing, Genevieve, Ashlyn, Blair, Courtney, and Fallon are having her sisters happy to replenish dance with them, Derek blows the flute to all princessess as quick was be done. Genevieve living in the circle bedroom with her sisters, they are believes to thought about their determinations as diametrically to be inappropriate by the various members of the royal society. In next on, she and her sisters are meets with their cousin, Duchess Rowena, who have respecting by them on beset in the pre-her plans to takes over the kingdom for slaying on Randolph, yet funk to Desmond not Brutus.

When the triplets birthday, she offered the presents to them and convey her fallen mother's benefit story. At the time, Genevieve playing the chess with Twyla and her father in the royal room, Rowena hand on to talking to her who worrit very bad is not happy by answer with along to self. Genevieve and her sisters are still have in the bedroom, stepping on consolidate stone in the ground and Ashlyn heed her. Searching into the magical world, Genevieve has right away just worning out her shoes when she dance with her sisters. Randolph, who have become ill it was Rowena harming on him.

Before Rowena intended to poisons Randolph, Genevieve and her sisters were soon arrived in Randolph's bedroom whom singing the song to their father by that on. One day, Genevieve constantly to dancing with her sisters, and Derek and Felix are holding the royal chest to her. Derek opening the chest, Genevieve also viewing the latest shoes of inside. At the night of the party time, all of the princesses are dancing together in the Pavilion, Genevieve agreed her own challenge to danced with Derek, it seems that the ship and gateway are already gone.

Rowena, who have now to ruling the kingdom to kills Randolph, recruited her guards to doing this actions by anyway to raging by her cousins. Its time to stops Rowena, Genevieve, Derek, Twyla, Felix, and her sisters are does the missions is track down the guards and running into the kingdom. Genevieve is yelling Desmond as she entered the castle to save her father, Derek used his own foot to drop down Desmond, locking him to inside of the room. Facing to Rowena together with Derek, Genevieve saw her father was lose conscious into sleep, Rowena used the magic flowers to control the enchanted fit of the armors, Genevieve and Derek are so easy to fights with them.

Although Desmond was escaped from the room, Lacey tries to helping Genevieve, who would have to sneak into the kingdom and captured by Desmond after she accepted her own mind. Genevieve saw Lacey was took at the hands by Desmond, Rowena hold on the flowers in forced to her for dancing forever. Genevieve has good enough to take up her own fan, blowing it back to Rowena. Rowena, who was happening to repeated dance with Desmond for being gets out from the kingdom, Lacey healing her father with the water from the magical Pavilion.

Randolph was eventually awaken, saw his daughters once again, who having to apologized with them as Genevieve decided to marry Derek. When all of the princesses attending their wedding, Genevieve, Derek, and Randolph are attach to litigant a dance with them.


Genevieve is shown to be a fearless, hopeful girl, who her younger sister Lacey admires. With the two of them share a special relationship, as well as Genevieve takes risks to help Lacey out.

She is always tells Lacey; "There is a difference, only (she) can make." Genevieve has high logic and strategy skills, seeing she can beat her father at chess, and out of all her sisters, she is the best dancer. However, one of Genevieve's flaws is that she is often late.

When the other princesses mention Genevieve's romantic feelings towards Derek, the royal cobbler, she is quick to deny them , but their feelings grew stronger for each other and fall in love with each other and they married at the end of the film.


  • Genevieve's dress can be spotted in Barbie as the Island Princess.


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