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Heroine Overview


Princess Gwenevere (also known as Starla) is the main protagonist of the 1995 Romanian-American cartoon Princes Gwenevere/Princes Starla and the Jewel Riders. She is the leader of the Jewel Riders. She was voiced by Kerry Butler.

Gwenevere is a 16-year-old Princess of the magical kingdom of Avalon. A daughter of Queen Anya and King Jared, Gwen lives in the Crystal Palace inside the castle of New Camelot. On coming of age, she must prove herself worthy for the role of Queen of Avalon just like her mother. Gwen becomes the leader of the Jewel Riders at the Friendship Ring Ceremony where she is given sacred Sun Stone, which is the jewel of light, a powerful gem that creates colorful rainbow effects from the bright sun light.

In the show

Gwenevere, or "Gwen" to her friends, is the bold and graceful Princess of the kingdom of Avalon. Gwenevere is a true heroine, ready to face the challenges that await her as she rides the wings of her destiny to vanquish evil and secure her rightful place as future Queen of this magical kingdom. She is put into leadership position at a young age, forcing her to grow up faster and learn to take responsibility as a benevolent leader. Soon, Gwen gets bonded with a rare and stunning golden winged unicorn, whom she names Sunstar.


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